Resident arrested for Stuy Town laundry room ‘groping’

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

A Stuyvesant Town resident was arrested for forcible touching and sexual abuse in a Stuy Town laundry room in the early hours of last Friday morning.

Jason Wilner, 27, was arrested at 449 East 14th Street on January 15 at 1:41 a.m. after allegedly groping another resident while she was doing laundry.

The victim told police that she was folding her clothes in the building’s laundry room when Wilner approached her, put his right arm around her and allegedly grabbed her buttocks. She said that she told Wilner to stop but he allegedly continued to touch her and grabbed her buttocks at least two more times.

“The safety and security of our residents is a priority for management,” Senior Vice President of Global Public Affairs Paula Chirhart said regarding the incident. “Management and public safety are fully cooperating with the NYPD on this incident. We will not allow for any behavior that puts resident safety at risk.”

Wilner’s lawyer did not return a request for comment.

2 thoughts on “Resident arrested for Stuy Town laundry room ‘groping’

    • I used to see a lot of crack vials in the laundry room during the Rudy years. And I mean a lot. Can’t really blame Rudy, but this place has not been the haven of respectability and safety it was once (rightly) reputed to be for a lot of years. As soon as they started reducing Security manpower and walk-throughs it started to go downhill.
      We NEED a strong Security force in a property of this size. Never mind those near-useless cameras (for which we pay an MCI) which were mandated as soon as this dump became a dorm, we NEED a real security presence and an effective one. Otherwise, we are no better than a NYCHA dump.
      NYU parents: Your precious snowflakes are NOT safe here, not matter what lying management tells you.

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