Editorial: Ferry landing can’t come soon enough

Sometimes a problem sticks around for so long that people simply accept it as a fact of life. For residents who live near the East River, like those on the east side of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village as well as Waterside Plaza, one major problem for many years has been a lack of access to public transit, specifically the subway.

As for buses, anyone who’s lived in the area for more than a few years knows that two local routes, the M14 and the M23, have been winners of The Straphangers Campaign’s annual Pokey awards. The Pokeys are given to the most sluggish routes and the M23 has actually won twice.

For this reason, the city’s plan to add a bunch of stops to the East River ferry route, including one at Stuyvesant Cove Park, should be embraced.

As Town & Village reported last week, a meeting on the issue hosted by the ST-PCV Tenants Association showed that residents were mostly enthusiastic about the additional transit option.

This week, we reached out to ask if the owners of ST/PCV and Waterside if they had any concerns about the planned landing, and they said they did not.

Excess noise has been brought up as a potential problem. However, we don’t believe commuters departing from the ferry will be any more rowdy or boisterous than anyone leaving the subway.

Additionally, it’s likely that a more regular flow of pedestrians along East 20th Street will make the area feel safer and if the route becomes a popular one with commuters, the new foot traffic would bring more business to local stores and restaurants.

We hope the city won’t drag its heels in building the landings.

3 thoughts on “Editorial: Ferry landing can’t come soon enough

  1. Seeing as the route that stops at the 20th Street landing will only only get you to the Lower East Side and Wall Street, it’s not much of a “transit option” for most of us.

    • It stops at Riis park. If familiar with the ‘rock’ it stops on the bay side just beneath the Marine Park Bridge. As a kid growing up in Queens, we never referred to this part of Rockaway as Rockaway. We called it Roxbury and Breezy.

      On a nice spring/summer day, it’s a nice ferry ride out to Riis park/beach. I have relatives who live in Roxbury and have taken the ferry from Wall St stop a few times.

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