Opinion: Memo to Hillary: No mud-slinging

By Former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

Dear Hillary,

It’s your old friend from New York politics. Don’t be put off by my last name. Bernie Sanders is no relative of mine. And although I respect his candidacy and his social egalitarian views, I do not think that he would make a particularly good President. I also think that there is a risk that were he the Democratic Party nominee that some crazy person like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz could beat him. So my advice to you is sincere. I believe that you have the best chance of winning the Presidency of any Democratic candidate and holding back the darker impulses of some in the electorate. But this election is not a slam dunk, and you could lose. But if you employ the tactics of destruction you could win the battle but lose the war.

Right about now I suspect there is some panic setting in your campaign as the polls show you lagging behind Bernie in Iowa and then followed by New Hampshire. Over the summer you led in both states by over 20 points and now you trail. Uh-oh. But six months ago nobody knew Bernie Sanders and you were running virtually unopposed. So a tightening of the race was inevitable.

There are some around you who will want to respond to the Bernie surge with the typical negative campaign response. “Hit him hard” I am sure they are telling you. “Go after him with a vengeance” others are chiming in. This is the typical political response. And if you succumb to the temptation it will cost you dearly. So here is my advice: Stay on the high road!

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Veterinary hospital to open on 1st Ave.

The future home of Whole Health features an animal mural by street artist Vince. (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

The future home of Whole Health features an animal mural by street artist Vince. (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

Gramercy resident and veterinarian Timothy Mann, who used to own a practice in Brooklyn, will be bringing his skills closer to home on Valentine’s Day, when he’ll be opening Whole Health, a holistic veterinary hospital and dental clinic on First Avenue.

The animal hospital is opening at 335 First Avenue, opposite Stuyvesant Town, which was last home to the French Cleaners dry-cleaning shop. Already the space has been rebuilt, complete with a mural of pets on the storefront’s grates, painted by street artist Vince.

This week, Mann spoke with Town & Village about what pet owners can expect at Whole Health and what it means to offer holistic health services to pets.

Mainly, Mann said he wanted to offer a more personal approach to care, from trying alternative treatments like herbal medication or acupuncture to encouraging alternatives to vaccination.

In particular with older dogs, Mann said that idea is to first see if there are other forms of treatment available that don’t run the risks of side effects. This would be checked with tests to see how the dog would respond to vaccines before they actually go through getting one.

“We vaccinate as a knee-jerk reaction,” said Mann. “Vaccines can save lives but they can also cause side effects.” The precautionary lab work, however, he said, “is cheaper than a vaccine, so you save money and do better for your pet.”

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