Letters to the Editor: Feb. 4

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Why Garodnick should aim higher

Re: Story, “Garodnick’s $1.M campaign war chest,” T&V, Jan. 21

Your page one article notes a Daily News anonymous source:

Hon. Dan Garodnick, our City Council Member, “may be looking towards the comptroller or attorney general seat if they open up.”

Page 50 of this week’s New York Observer, however, quotes comptroller Tom DiNapoli:

“The secret is that being comptroller is the best job in state government.

“I don’t want people to know that so they don’t come after my job.

“There’s still more work to do here,” he continues.

Accordingly, that job doesn’t seem to be opening up.

This begs two questions:

(i) Who, including the days of Tammany Hall, was ever elected directly to statewide office from the New York City council?

(ii) If Hon. Dan Garodnick wants to make a statewide name for himself, he should challenge Governor Cuomo. If I was his strategist, I’d say strive for the gold.

Dan was preempted from the city comptroller’s primary and, subsequently, had to concede from the speaker’s race. He’s not winning statewide office.

And remember, he balked when considering running a primary against Brad Hoylman because he wanted to be close to home. Therefore, his considering statewide options seems quite a shift from the geographic priorities he set for himself fewer than four years later. After all, he’d have to spend more time in Albany in statewide office than members of the legislature do.

So if I were part of his brain trust, I’d have him make a statewide name for himself by running a gubernatorial primary against Andrew Cuomo.

And if his strategists don’t realize that runners up in Gubernatorial primaries are memorable while runners up in AG and comptroller primaries are not, then they’re not worth their commissions.

Billy Sternberg, ST

Ferry would not be that noisy

Re: Story, “ST/PCV residents mostly support the East 20th Street ferry landing plan,” T&V, Jan. 21

To the editor,

I was highly disturbed to read of the Tenants Association’s director’s opposition to the affordable ferry service that is proposed for East 23rd Street.

For many years, persons of limited mobility and moderate income have not been able to travel around the city from the Avenue C side of the campus. The cost of hailing a taxi on Avenue C is too high, and the distance to walk to the First Avenue bus is often prohibitive, especially in inclement weather.

The affordable ferries that are proposed for the 23rd Street landing will make as much noise as a boat would make pulling up at a dock: essentially, no noise at all. When a boat pulls up at a dock, it cuts its engines, and glides nearly silently to its moorings. Of course, for the ferry to pull away from the dock, it will have to run its engines. This could be as loud as an SUV traveling on the FDR Drive.

The TA director’s opposition to the ferry is both short-sighted and mean-spirited. If the TA director cares about supporting the rights of all tenants to affordable transportation to Brooklyn (the most affordable of boroughs), she will drop her myopic opposition to the ferry. If she prefers to take taxis and the subway, we have no objection at all.

But freedom of choice is one of the great bedrocks of our democracy, and we urge all tenants to let all of the TA’s directors know how they feel about the ferry.

Name withheld, ST

I don’t object to the ferry landing

Re: Letter, “Ferry wouldn’t be the only noisy thing,” T&V, Jan. 28 re: story, “ST/PCV residents mostly in support of East 20th Street ferry landing,” T&V, Jan. 21

Re: My position on the 20th Street ferry landing.

I am NOT opposed to this, but in listening to the Economic Development Corporation’s presentation, I realized that a lot of information was lacking.

What was not made clear in the article is that Justine Johnson deflected a lot of excellent questions from the 45 (not 30) attendees by saying that the proposal would answer them. She and her colleague did not indicate that the EDC had made noise abatement a requirement of the proposal from any potential operator.

When someone specifically noted that it’s possible to have directional horns, she had no response. That’s just one example. I reviewed the EDC’s materials about the ferry landing before the meeting, and I’ve also taken an interest in what’s being considered for the 23rd Street crosstown bus.

I repeat: I never said I was against the ferry landing, but I did want to hear a plan for how people were going to be able to get to and from the ferry and how that would affect local transportation, among other things.

I could go on, but I think this is long enough. I want it to be clear that I was searching for answers, not opposing the landing.

Anne Greenberg, PCV

‘Dear Stuyvesant,’ your fortune awaits

On the heels of a second wave of IRS scam phone calls to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents, Susan Steinberg, president of the ST-PCV Tenants Association found herself on the receiving end of a “Stuyvesant” email scam.

She forwarded us the email, which needless to say, should just be ignored by anyone else who gets it.

Subject: Dear Stuyvesant,
Dear Stuyvesant,
I am contacting you regarding the deposit made by late Victor Stuyvesant, a national of your country who died and left a deposited sum of $16.2 million with the bank here in the republic of Togolese. I will want you to stand as the next of kin so that the bank can release the deposit to you. Contact me for more details;
Best Regards.
Akufa Atefambou

8 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor: Feb. 4

  1. Thankfully, Ms. Greenberg cleared up the uncertainty about her opposition to the Ferry Landing.

    I was present at the meeting at which Ms. Greenberg questioned whether the City had thought through all the details of how often a ferry would be blowing its horn, and other arcane details. I think it is important to recognize that we are not talking about a garbage transfer station, or a garbage incinerator here. We are talking about a barge that will serve as a ferry landing.

    Too often, the Tenants Association and its directors raise their hand to say “Not in My Backyard” — as in the case of the Farmers Market, the soda machines at the skating rink, the knife sharpening services, the flea market, and other time-honored traditions.

    All members of the community need to resist the NIMBY reflex.

    Thank you Ms. Greenberg for withdrawing your opposition so that the ferry landing can move ahead harmoniously.

  2. “soda machines at the skating rink” Excuse me, “time-honored traditions”? And when did the “Tenants Association and its directors” do a NIMBY about the “the knife sharpening services” Please, the source for this?

    “as in the case of the Farmers Market” Well, we all know that this so called “residents and their guests only” zoning law (commercial enterprise) loophole, wink, wink, was NOT contested by the TA itself (not talking about one former Board member) and this left the legal opening for the strip mall and Carnival Cruise events that have destroyed the oasis that the Oval once was. BTW, do you live by the Rink (playground 10) and have had to deal with the noise issues that has been described and videoed by posters at the Stuyvesant Town Report Blog?

    And regarding the ferry, who is going to be using it? Real, middle class/working class New Yorkers? Or will it be students and tourists? BTW, did you know NYU has its own ferry right now that docks north of Waterside at East 35th Street? You invoking NIMBY is a standard REBNY talking point. IMO, this ferry, like the so called dB trolley that would help REBNY for its hyper gentrification plans for waterfront properties of Queens and Brooklyn, is another nail in the coffin for middle/working class New Yorkers, another peg in Bloomberg’s/Burden’s vision for a “Dubai on the Hudson” for NYC.

    • Hey bro,
      News Item: Bloomberg isn’t mayor. Deblasio and Garodnick are much greater dangers to middle class in NYC than Bloomberg. Granted, Bloomberg is a piece of crap but he has nothing in that respect on DeBlasio or Garodnick.

      • “Fred”

        I am mad at dB for not being progessive enough. You think he’s a Commie Pinko from the get go. And if you think that Bloomberg was not worse than dB, sorry, you are mistaken. dB, besides the % RGB guidelines, has now morphed into Bloomberg 1.5. Full disclosure, who did you vote for last election? Joe MTA? Who did you vote for Governor all these years? Pataki? Pataki and the Republican dominated NYS Senate (with some help from DINO slugs) are the main reasons we live in a dorm dump right now. NYS is where we lost the most, not the NYC CC. Cuomo is now “Pataki Light”. Hope you are pleased. Google “NYS RS law vacancy decontrol history”. You do realize that your Party believes in ZERO residential rent regulations?

  3. Everyone knows the Tenants Association opposed the soda machines “and other sugary drinks” that are being sold at the skating rink.

    To clarify, the ferries will be used by middle-class New Yorkers who will not have access to the L train, because it will be out of service for a year.

    I seriously doubt that tourists (whom this letter writer apparently despises) will wish to visit the Asser Levy Pool or the Gulf Station, for its scenic beauty.

  4. It should be noted that letterwriter “DontEverCallMeBro” apparently also despises young people, or, as he or she derisively calls them, “students”. That kind of scurrilous bigotry has not place in a public forum. Thank you.

  5. “Everyone knows the Tenants Association opposed the soda machines “and other sugary drinks” that are being sold at the skating rink. ”

    So says you. Again, where’s your proof?

    The EV, the LES, and PCVST were once a diverse community. Now it’s a dorm dump. I think I’m being conservative here that anyone who is 28 years and older does not want to live in a dorm dump. Are you defending what has happened here during the last 10 year reign of horror with TS and CWC/CR?

    “despises young people, or, as he or she derisively calls them, “students”. ”
    “That kind of scurrilous bigotry has not place in a public forum.”

    The usual “haters gonna hate” type line, the mantra of the truly desperate. Yes, I hate the young. I just have 9 nieces and nephews who are millennials. BTW, I was born and raised here. Full disclosure, who are you? I’m in a non-profit. What’s your financial interest here? Are you in the RE industry? I guess you have not been on a NY Waterway ferry in some time. Many of the riders are tourists, its cheap way to see NY from the water. Nothing wrong with that per se.

    “To clarify, the ferries will be used by middle-class New Yorkers who will not have access to the L train, because it will be out of service for a year.”

    This expanded ferry service was in the planning stage way before the L train repair announcement was made. And if you think that this ferry stem will replace the capacity of the L train at rush hour, sorry, you are mistaken. At best, this system will make a small dent in the transit needs of real New Yorkers. Trolleys and ferries are beloved by REBNY as they service their gentrified waterfront properties and, like Citi Bike, expand their hyper gentrification. I use the ferry system; they have a small place in our transit grid. What’s needed is a vastly expanded bus service in Queens and Brooklyn that that truly meets the transit needs of working class New Yorkers.


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