Garodnick not running for mayor

Council Member Dan Garodnick

Council Member Dan Garodnick

By Christian Brazil-Bautista

The list of possible contenders for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s seat just became a bit shorter. Council Member Dan Garodnick, whose name has been thrown around as a possible challenger for the position, denied that he was eyeing a run at the mayoral seat.

“No,” Garodnick said when asked at an event on Tuesday if he was going to run for mayor. The event was the B’nai B’rith luncheon, where he gave a presentation titled, “Midtown East Rezoning: What’s Next?”

Garodnick, a Democrat who is serving his third term as a council member, has remained vague about his future plans. Previously, he ran for comptroller, bowing out after Scott Stringer declared his candidacy. Stringer eventually defeated Eliot Spitzer for the position. In 2013, he conceded in his bid for the city council speaker seat, resulting in a unanimous vote for Melissa Mark-Viverito. Term limits prohibit him from seeking re-election next year.

“Dan is keeping his options open,” said Genevieve Michel, Garodnick’s chief of staff.

Some of his options, according to an earlier report from Politico, include state positions such as attorney general or state comptroller. The report said that the positions, currently held by Eric Schneiderman and Thomas Napoli, may become vacant if Governor Andrew Cuomo decides not to seek a third term.

When Garodnick makes his next move, he would have considerable financial muscle to fund his bid. He has so far raised $1.5 million for his next campaign, with a fraction of the amount carrying over from his aborted run for the comptroller seat.

According to campaign finance filings, the amount is split between three accounts. Two city campaign accounts, “Garodnick 2013” and “Garodnick 2017,” contain $888,000 and $202,000 respectively. Meanwhile, a state account under the name “New Yorkers for Garodnick” contains $400,000.

In spite of Garodnick being eliminated as a possible candidate, there’s still a wealth of rumored contenders for the city’s next mayoral race. Some of the names that have been thrown around include Comptroller Scott Stringer and Public Advocate Letitia James. When de Blasio’s rivals emerge, they would have a realistic shot of unseating the mayor. According to a recent Quinnipac University poll from last October, de Blasio’s approval approval rating was at 45 percent. The survey also found that 48 percent of voters think that the mayor deserves a second term.

5 thoughts on “Garodnick not running for mayor

  1. Too bad…I would love to see him get crushed and leave politics forever. NYC will be a less corrupt place as soon as he loses and he is tossed to the pavement..

  2. I hate to agree with Fred, but this time I do. Garodnick is an opportunist and a puppet of the REBNY. He has done NOTHING for us and EVERYTHING for Big RE. His proposed Midtown East plan is going to result in total mayhem for the commuters, pedestrians and everybody who lives or works in that area. See the crane disaster this morning? That will be nothing to what is bound to happen once Garodnick’s pet project gets started. I wish him total defeat in everything he does. That’s what he deserves.

  3. So, the City Council just voted itself a huge pay raise, retroactive to January 1. Doesn’t matter that they said they wouldn’t do that; but then they said they wouldn’t allow Bloomberg to buy an illegal third term, but they did, and took advantage of it. Eh, Dan? Bill DeBlasio is not a progressive mayor in any way, shape or form. He is as corrupt and calculating and self-serving as was the infamous Boss Tweed. In fact, Boss Tweed probably delivered more to his constituents than De Blasio does.

    The sooner this corrupt, pandering, self-serving mayor and his bunch of hideous liars who make up the City Council go away, the better. As for that Speaker woman, she is unspeakably vile. I will never, ever vote for any of this rotten bunch of incumbents, no matter what they are running for and who they might be running against. I would rather have just about anybody but this lot. They are despicable and they are destroying the quality of life in NYC and enriching themselves. If ever any of this trash needs a cop, fireman or EMT to save their lives, I hope they remember what those people get paid and die from shame and embarrassment.

    • Melissa Mark-Viverito said they needed to get paid more so that they wouldn’t be tempted to take money from sources that were not transparent. Surely, if they have to be bribed by an exorbitant salary to stay on the straight and narrow they shouldn’t take the job in the first place. They fight tooth and nail to get the people to elect them. Nobody forces them to take the job. If they can’t manage on the salary it pays, then don’t take the job. Plenty of others who would do it, and do it better, even if it was at a more realistic level.
      I doubt that many of those bozos would get paid that much money in the private sector. Maybe Garodnick would because he was a lawyer. But then, he wanted to be a politician with its lower income than a lawyer. I wonder who would employ Mark-Viverito at the salary she is now getting and for doing what?
      Vote them all out when they run for re-election or election to any other position of public service. Disgusting bunch of hacks.

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