Letters to the Editor: Mar. 3

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Trump and Pope Francis

Donald Trump began his campaign for the presidency by descending from his escalator at Trump Tower (where else?) and began with his attack on Mexicans. Then he was critical of Sen. McCann because he only likes “winners.”

His continuing mantra was and is “to make America great again,” but lacking any substance. But, he is winning most of the base of the Republican Party – as he uses his unreality show street smarts and taps into the collective conscious, unconscious and subconscious of many of the low information segments of the electorate: often ignorant, racist and who depend on the reptilian aspects of their brains.

He has continually lied and attacked anyone who has gotten close to him. And, as in Love Story – he never had to say that he was sorry.

Last week, he attacked Pope Francis who is not only beloved by his flock, but by many non-Catholics – even many who have no faith.

Trump assures us that he is a Christian but doesn’t realize that the essence of the faith is not group membership – but rather involves emulating the teachings of Christ in behavior.

Trump and Cruz laud the religion but their behaviors are not consistent – for all they want is power. To be concise: they are part of the garden variety of populist fascists who emerge every once in a while – as they are destroy our always fragile democratic republic.

David Chowes, PCV

Don’t want to see ST/PCV go to the dogs

To the editor:

Many people have already noted that there are two existing dog runs within walking distance of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. That should end the discussion on dog runs inside ST/PCV.  Period. Hearing the loud barking, yelping and dog fights that are now everyday intrusions into the peace and quiet of ST/PCV is bad enough.  But the suggestion that a dog run should be built on the site of a less used playground is grossly unfair to those tenants in the vicinity.  It would put it “out of sight, out of mind” and away from the Public Safety office who are already too slow to respond to noise complaints.

Unfortunately, since a dog run inside ST/PCV is on the agenda again, I have two suggestions for a location that might keep the noise down:

1) In a playground near General Manager Hayduk’s apartment, which would be sure to get an immediate response from Public Safety when the inevitable noise complaints come flooding in.

In any event, it would give Mr. Hayduk a better feel for the reality of life here. Or, is Peter Cooper Village not being considered as a possible site?

2) In front of the Public Safety office on the Oval where officers could monitor the noise, quickly respond to the inevitable flood of complaints, and easily check the new ID tags for registered dogs.

Best solution: Nobody wants a dog run in their back yard, so take the issue of dog runs inside ST/PCV off the table and print up directions to the two existing dog runs just a few blocks away.

Name withheld, ST

Dog breed rule vs. Pet Law

If you don’t have a ST/PCV approved breed of dog, you should know about this NYC Law:

According to the NYC “Pet Law,” a landlord cannot make you get rid of a dog if you have had the dog for three months or more and have not tried to hide it from them. I assume this means if you don’t have a ST/PCV approved breed of dog but you have had the dog for three months they can’t make you get rid of it.

It would be a great shame if the new management decided to enforce their ridiculous ban on dog breeds.

Name withheld, ST

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