Letters to the Editor: Mar. 10

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

About those new windows in PCV

Re: T&V story, “Roof access coming to PCV, but just for two apartments, T&V, Feb. 25

To the Editor,

So, the new owners are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? Where are the amenities that would go along with the prices they intend to ask?

I was also amazed to read that the tenants had access to the roof. Never so in the 30-odd years I’ve been living here and if so, was the biggest kept secret. I had been told by security that we couldn’t go up there.

As to the new windows, if people look carefully at the apartment in the photo, you can see that with the new reconfiguration there is no way for a window air conditioner. The unit is now below the window in part of the wall. Now, with the unit where it is, the tenant can’t put a sofa back to the wall so they’re losing space.

As to another MCI for “new windows,” if we had had a lawyer who knew who was on first, we wouldn’t be paying and paying and paying for the rest of our lives.

The windows never did what they were supposed to do which was to keep the apartments cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. At least that was what I had been told. Once a hole was drilled into the window to let the gas out so that it wouldn’t implode, the purpose of the new windows went out the window or door, whichever word you care to use.

Marcia Robinson, PCV

TA election is politics as usual

Re: letter, “An election closer to home,” T&V, Feb. 18 by Susan Steinberg

Despite her request to forget about national politics, Susan Steinberg’s letter about the importance of the TA’s upcoming “election” is just as funny as Donald Trump talking about building a wall or Bernie Sanders talking about national security.

President Steinberg says that the TA board of directors’ names appear on “the TA’s letterhead and many of its communications” but who exactly are the directors?

Save for director Anne Greenberg, who recently opposed subsidized affordable ferry service for our own community, I can’t remember the last time we heard from another director.

Last year, Ms. Steinberg was frequently quoted in this paper as board chair, but now she is president. Who is the new chair? The TA should not be playing musical chairs! Why don’t we hear from him or any of the other directors?

Here’s the funny part: Ms. Steinberg tells us directors serve “rotating unpaid four-year terms.” But a recent check of the TA’s website show some directors have served for 20, 30 years or even 40 years! You can’t have elections and directors for life! No wonder the TA won’t release their membership numbers.

It’s about time the TA’s hold a fair and open election (and not just re-elect themselves). Then maybe they can serve the entire community and not just the small minority it has served for so many years.

Name Withheld, ST

9 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor: Mar. 10

  1. The TA has no business even calling itself a TA. It has done NOTHING for tenants whatsoever. It is simply an arm of Management and a tool of the loathsome, predatorily ambitious Daniel Garodnick. The TA has done NOTHING, repeat NOTHING to benefit tenants in many, many years. In fact, it has worked against tenants. Its lawyers are the old law firm that Garodnick worked for and he only took an interest in the property to the extent he could make it a profitable enterprise for his RE owners and Paul Weiss. If he thinks that tenants (especially longtime tenants) don’t realize this, then he and Steinberg, are as stupid as they are greedily ambitious.

  2. Dear Name Withheld,
    If you are the same person who previously and anonymously mischaracterized my position on the ferry (I am NOT opposed to it), then you did not read my immediate response online and in print. If you are someone else, then please now be informed that I am not against it. At the meeting about the proposed 20th Street ferry landing, which the Tenants Association organized, the city’s representatives did not provide adequate answers to comments and questions from those who attended, and I and others were dissatisfied with the lack of response.

    • Ms. Greenberg,

      Thankfully we know we have someone from the TA reading this. Forget the ferry. What is the TA’s stance on the room chopping (and no MCI adjustments), obvious illegal hotels, tenants fighting battles on their own vs. management. The tenants get absolutely no information from you guys, and your election is a joke. How can you possibly represent this community when your membership is below 5% of the 30,000 tenants (it should be above 50% for you to have any say)? If it is above 5%, we would love to see the books proving that.


      • Well said Steve. Just don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer. I have an additional question for all the lawyers out there. Can residents file a lawsuit against the TA to get them to cease and desist?

  3. Ms. Greenberg:

    Would you mind providing the members of the public with the answers that the City of New York provided to the many questions that you felt were unanswered, when you voiced your opposition? Thank you.

    • Sorry James, you will need to run for the upcoming “Ruler of the World” position at the May 2016 TA elections. Only then will this information be disclosed to you.

  4. Just one more question: Will the Tenants Association be following up on its objections to the Ferry Landing? Thank you.

  5. Ms. Greenberg:

    Tenants have a right to know your opinion, whether you are in favor or opposed to the Ferries.

    Thank you


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