Letters to the Editor: Mar. 17

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

TA business is hardly a secret

Re: Letter, “TA election is just politics as usual,” letter, T&V, Mar. 10

Why in the world did an anonymous letter writer choose the STPCV Tenants Association’s announcement of its annual election as an occasion to attack the organization? And why suggest that the election is not “fair and open” when the announcement of open nominations and an invitation to all qualified (over 18 and dues-paying) residents to submit their names and resumes for consideration was announced in this newspaper as well as via blast email and posted in the lobby of every building?And isn’t it ironic that a writer claiming the TA is less than open chooses to be “name withheld?”

To answer a couple of Name Withheld’s questions: The totally unsecret name of the TA’s chair is Kevin Farrelly. He was elected to that post by the Board following last year’s election. (The full election results were reported in T&V and posted on our website.)

At the same time, Susan Steinberg, who had been chair, was elected to be president, replacing John Marsh, who chose not to continue in the post. Name Withheld asks “who exactly are the directors?” They are listed on our letterhead and if he/she has ever attended a Tenants Association meeting for all residents, he/she should recall that each board member is introduced and stands up at every meeting.

As to why some board members are re-elected every four years, perhaps not surprisingly, there aren’t a whole lot of residents eager to give up many unpaid hours a week of their private time to look after the interests of their neighbors.  And regarding the complaint that he/she never hears from any board members but Ms. Steinberg: like most well-run organizations ours has a spokesperson and she is it.  However, I am, for Name Withheld’s information…

Soni Holman Fink, PCV
Member of the ST-PCV TA Board of Directors

Thanks, T&V and readers

Dear Ms. Mollot,

On behalf of the patients and staff at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, I want to thank you and all your contributors for making this year’s toy drive such a success.

The generosity of your subscribers, friends and neighbors was terrific; over 250 gifts were donated, and we are so grateful. Mount Sinai Beth Israel values its neighbors; local donor support and you and your organization are prime examples of how, working together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and families who otherwise might not have had a truly “happy holiday.”

We here at Mount Sinai Beth Israel wish you all a happy New Year. Again, many thanks.


Bonnie Robbins, Ph.D.,
Coordinator, Children and Family Services
Mount Sinai Beth Israel

3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor: Mar. 17

  1. It would be interesting to know how many dues-paying members of the Tenants Association there really are.

    Regrettably, the TA does not disclose this information — likely because it is quite low.

    It is commonly believed that the TA has between 200 and 220 dues-paying members. If that is the case, the TA therefore represents fewer than 2.0% of all residents of the campus.

    Thank you.


    • Where you state “it is commonly believed that the TA has between 200 and 220 dues-paying members,” don’t you really mean “I believe?” Where did you gather the empirical data from which you projected this representative rate of membership relative to population. Clearly you’ve never attended a TA meeting or you’d know your numbers are way too low. Also, it is “commonly believed” that those who rely on that suspiciously unreliable blog for their data aren’t to be listened to when spouting accounting information. Perhaps YMMV.

      BTW, no (before the flamethrowers start), I am not a member of the board now nor have I ever been. While I do not agree with all of the TA’s decisions nor policies, to claim that they have ANY overall agenda besides the continued well-being of STPCV’s tenancy is ludicrous. That they give up their time on our behalf is a blessing to all who live here. If you have anything to add to their conversations, I suggest you join or run. After all, you enjoy the perks of their efforts (rent rebates, MCI rollbacks, etc.) even if you disagree with certain other of their enthusiasms. Then again, maybe you’re just lazily enjoying the fruits of their labors while simultaneously lobbing dirt-bombs, just like the pitchfork wavers encourage.

      • Where did you get your information? Perhaps, you are just doing exactly what you are scolding others for. You’re entire second paragraph is invalidated by the former TA’s actions. Tell them to stop giving up their time since their efforts are not appreciated. In fact ask them to cease and desist before they face lawsuits.

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