Letters to the Editor: Mar. 24

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

When an inspector pays a call

This is to compliment Stuyvesant Town Public Safety Department and specifically Officer Brooks and the Public Safety Officers who were sent to my aid upon request. Also, this is an alert to your readership.

With illegal calls from the “supposed IRS” and recent alerts about phony Con Edison representatives making rounds, both scams having had been brought to my attention by Town & Village, there is another concern that I would like to share with our neighbors.

Last week, a would-be inspector from the Department of Buildings rang me from the intercom downstairs and wanted me to let him in to inspect my apartment. I advised him I had not requested his visit, I did not know who he was, if he had authority to inspect my apartment I should not have to buzz him in, and I would not do so.

Within minutes, he was ringing my bell and again I told him I would not let him in without a management escort. I immediately called Public Safety and spoke with Officer Brooks, who stayed on the phone with me while sending two Public Safety officers to come and escort the man into my apartment. Though this man had ID, it could have been fake.

Though he supposedly had had a complaint, it was not applicable to my apartment. He spent less than a minute in my apartment.

I want to thank Officer Brooks who was very thoughtful, staying on the line with me,  the Public Safety Officers who responded so quickly and efficiently, and especially management for providing us with a safe environment.

Also, I wanted to alert all tenants to not ever open their door to someone uninvited and to call Public Safety at (212) 598-5233 for an escort for “the visitor” if there is ever any doubt that someone has authority to enter their apartment.


Kay Vota, ST

Dog walkers taking over part of ST

To the Editor,

There has been a noticeable increase in dog poop within Stuyvesant Town.  One such area is the walkway from Stuy Town to First Avenue at 16th Street; but the problem is certainly not limited to that area.

It seems to have coincided with the many dog walkers who not only walk mostly large dogs through the premises, but also use Stuyvesant Town as their “public park” where they meet with each other, glare at their electronic devices and fail to pay attention to their charges. One such area is the north side of Playground 7 where tenants living in this area are blessed with a cacophony of multiple dogs barking while their walkers are distracted and unable to control them.  Instead of taking the dogs away from the area, they try unsuccessfully to use some sort of discipline with the result that the dogs become even more restless.

There are usually two dog walkers each handling about five dogs. Sometimes one of them ties up the dogs to the entrance of the playground and walks away leaving the other one watching over all the dogs.  They have been spoken to by Public Safety, but they keep coming back.

This area right in front of 449 and 451 East 14th Street has also become  a virtual dog toilet, much too close to these buildings, ever since the fence there was pushed back making it possible for people to take their dogs there. This fence should be moved back to its original place.

My neighbors and I sincerely hope that the new management will address these problems which I am sure are not limited to this particular area.

Most of us (including myself) love dogs. But the handling of dogs by both dog walkers and dog owners requires people with a good sense of responsibility and respect for others.

Name withheld,
451/449 East 14th Street

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