GNA holds annual community exhibit at Arts Club

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By Sabina Mollot

The Gramercy Neighborhood Associates, which curates an exhibit at the National Arts Club each year featuring works by local artists, said that this year’s was the biggest show yet with around 100 works on display. This year’s show will also be the longest, having kicked off on March 15 and running through March 25 in three out of five of the club’s gallery spaces.

Sixty-six artists and photographers participated this year, mostly from Gramercy and Stuyvesant Town. (Full disclosure: One participant was the person writing this.)

On the night of the opening reception for the show on March 17, Alan Krevis, president of the GNA, figured there were about 300 people in attendance, as he peered over the sea of heads. This is normal for the GNA’s art openings.

“The artists love participating,” said Krevis. You can tell by the amount of work that keeps increasing each year.”

The turnout impressed one of the artists participating, M. Moore, who had three largescale pieces, one drawing and two mixed media, showing. “This is my first time showing here,” said Moore, who lives in Brooklyn. “It’s an amazing venue.”

Another first timer was eight-year-old Amen McKee, one of several students of the Chelsea Drawing & Painting Workshop whose work was hanging on the walls. McKee’s piece was a pastel drawing of a dog. McKee noted that previously her artwork had only been on display at her school, “which,” she shared, “is boring. I’ve never been to one of these. This is cool.”

Still, McKee, who lives in Gramercy, was only the second youngest artist to participate. The youngest was another Chelsea Workshop student, seven-year-old Mia Grote.

Senior citizens were also well represented, with one, East Midtown resident Ken McConney, showing a painting of the Manhattan skyline, including the original World Trade Center. That painting, he said, was the study piece for a larger version of the same image that was commissioned by a businessman in Jersey City.

“That was his view and he wanted to remember it,” McConney explained.

For information about other shows, current and upcoming, at the National Arts Club, see T&V’s Around & About section. The GNA’s next event will be a cocktails and comedy party on March 29 at The Stand, with comedian Janeane Garafolo included in the lineup. This event will be a benefit for the organization’s annual cleanup of Augustus Saint-Gaudens Playground. For details, visit the GNA’s website.

Photos by Sabina Mollot

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