Ess-a-Bagel reopening delayed until May

Apr1 Ess A Bagel

Ess-a-Bagel at 324 First Avenue (Photo by Sabina Mollot)


By Sabina Mollot

Fans of Ess-a-Bagel will have to wait a little longer than they thought for their carb fix.

While earlier this year, the owners said they expected the new shop in Stuyvesant Town to open some time in February, that date has been moved back to May.

One of the owners, David Wilpon, said, “At first we thought it would be February, but there are always obstacles.”

While he declined to share what those were, he noted that construction has been underway at the 324 First Avenue space for the past couple of weeks and he’s been asked a lot about when the opening will be.

“All day when I’m there, they ask us.”

Meanwhile, the store’s sign went up last Monday. A permit for the sign’s installation was approved on March 1 by the city. “We’re plodding along,” Wilpon said.

2 thoughts on “Ess-a-Bagel reopening delayed until May

  1. First Ess-a-Bagel said they were supposed to open in February, then they said mid-May. It’s May 16th, they still look like they are several months away from opening. I passed by today and the place is still under construction, and by that I mean just starting on the construction, Any updates on the new date?

  2. Now It’s August, and they still aren’t open. Will they be open by September? October? The fift of No-Never? It’s OK because Tal Bagels are delicious, they toast, and they’re open.

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