Families flock to Stuy Town’s Easter egg hunt

Stuyvesant Town’s annual egg hunt and other Easter activities took place on Sunday. (Photos by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

Stuyvesant Town’s annual egg hunt and other Easter activities took place on Sunday. (Photos by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Although the weather started out gloomy, the sun made its way out from behind the clouds to make for a pleasant day on the Oval for families celebrating Easter last weekend. The main attraction on Sunday was the Easter egg hunt starting promptly at noon, and although the Oval was split into two sections to prevent the older kids from swooping in and taking all the treats from the little ones, the event’s 4,000 eggs were still gone from both sides in a matter of minutes. A second hunt was planned at Playground 10 for any the kids who missed the earlier one. The event also included a bouncy house, crafts, a prize wheel, face painting and balloon animals.

Yosi of kid’s group Yosi and the Superdads put on a show right before the final egg hunt and four-year-old Matilda Magaldi enjoyed dancing along to the music.

“She’s like this every year, so enthusiastic,” said her mother Jessica, whose sister lives in Stuyvesant Town and who they’ve visited for the past three years for the holiday. “We already saw the Easter bunny. She wasn’t scared this time.”

Dorothy Silver, a Stuyvesant Town resident, said that even though she’d been living in the community since 1979, this was the first time she’s celebrated Easter in the Oval.

“We take turns going to different places. My daughters are all over the place,” she said. “(The kids are) all different ages at different times so there are different celebrations.”

Joanne Brady, hhh

Joanne Brady, Christene Brady, Steve Brady, Victoria Brady, Kathie Pavek and Stuy Town resident Dorothy Silver

Four generations of Silver’s family took part in the festivities over the weekend, with her daughter, Kathie Pavek, visiting from Putnam, and her granddaughter, Joanne Brady, in from Westchester along with great-grandchildren Christene and Victoria.

Four-year-old twins Maeve and Liam Hernon were also celebrating their first Easter in Stuy Town. Their father, Steve Hernon, is the principal at St. Brigid School, where the twins are students and he said that they’ve lived in the neighborhood for about a year.

“There are a lot of family friendly events,” Hernon said. “We love it here.”

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Stuy Town General Manager Rick Hayduk was also at the Oval on Sunday afternoon, partaking in some of the activities with his 10-year-old daughter Jamison.

He noted how at one point, a couple of kids got temporarily lost but were soon reunited with their parents.

“Public safety is out and about,” Hayduk said. “They know many of the kids so you have the confidence of letting your kid run around here. It says a lot about the community.”

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