Opinion: March madness

By Former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

Out of Cleveland, Ohio comes a strong contender for the title of worst idea of the year.

Cleveland will be the site of the Republican Party National Convention over the summer. Nearly 40,000 people, many Ohioans (most of whom will not be in attendance), have signed a petition to allow participants of that convention to carry firearms into the arena.

So the pushing, punching and aggression which has been on display at various Republican candidate rallies in recent weeks seems to have led some to the conclusion that arming opposing political factions with guns is a really neat idea.

Who thinks this stuff up? And what kind of a mind believes this would be a good thing for our political conventions, especially at a time when passions are running so deep and tempers so short?

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When your roommate’s an abusive grifter

Mar31 Peter Cooper sign

(Photo by Sabina Mollot)


By Sabina Mollot

For many renters in New York City, the only way to afford an apartment is to share one, but what many of those tenants don’t know is that if things go south, they can’t just assume the roommate will leave voluntarily and peacefully.

Recently, Town & Village interviewed a resident about what he said has become a nightmarish situation for him. Specifically, last year, the resident, Neal (not his real name), got a roommate, thinking it would be temporary while the man he met through Craigslist underwent treatment for serious medical conditions at a local hospital.

But that man, who we’ll call Jason (also not his real name), has since taken advantage of their arrangement. He’s now been living in the apartment for a year, Neal said, but has also brought his three children to live with him at least part time when he was only supposed to have them visit occasionally. He’s also been exhibiting paranoia, Neal said, by constantly accusing Neal of harassing him and going into his room.

But, according to Neal, he hasn’t been in Jason’s room, because Jason had a locksmith come in and padlock the door. He even refused to allow the property’s painters — who he knew were scheduled to come — paint his room.

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