Letters to the Editor, Apr. 7

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Handicapped spots being warehoused

I recently applied for and received a special handicapped parking permit to display in my car. I have two painful knee problems that limit my walking abilities to a few blocks. As a result of this, I am forced to use my car for all of my daily activities; such as shopping, banking, doctor visits and therapy at the YMCA at 14th Street and Houston Street.

Therefore, I am grateful to the public officials who had the foresight years ago to create these special parking spaces throughout Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village for the use of handicapped people and for which I desperately need. Needless to say, these special parking spaces are also at a premium, and to my dismay, I am unable to find a vacant space at times.

This leads me to a complaint that I have for cards that hog these spaces and abuse the privilege. I will concentrate on one space close to my building, where I have observed a dilapidated auto sitting in one of the coveted spaces for months and months while I roam in my car looking for a spot. This should not be. There well may be a legitimate reason for this auto to be there and I can offer a few:

The person who owns the vehicle may be incapacitated and homebound.
That person could be in the hospital with serious complications or not alive anymore.
That person may be sunning in Florida.
That person may not be living in Stuyvesant Town altogether.

In any case, I think it behooves the powers that be to investigate the extended occupation of a parking space intended for the use of legitimate handicapped people. I am sure that most of us who use these spaces will agree with me.

The car that is in question is in front of 18 Stuyvesant Oval. It is a Buick Rivera in bad shape. Can we get some answers and action?

Name withheld, ST

Trump-ets blaring hot air

Aside from Donald Trump being an insecure braggart who runs his unreality showbiz TV campaign sans substance with plenty of vulgar insults as no other major party candidate as ever done during my lifetime. Last week he was finally asked by serious journalists some important questions and has damage to himself.

It was clear that he knows nothing about both domestic and foreign affairs. So, he just winged it and got into the worst trouble since last June when he entered the race.

This reminds me of when I was in high school and university and cut classes and didn’t keep up with the material.

But when I had to take an essay exam without knowledge I entered a nightmare.

In a required music class, I had to respond to the question: “Compare and contrast the musical styles of Bach and Beethoven.” So, I just winged it.

I said something like: “Bach was more structured in his music and Beethoven was far looser and more romantic.” The response had to be at least a few pages, so I just kept on repeating the same simple replies – but with diverse arrangements of words.

Out of pity, the professor gave me a D- grade. And I was not running to be the leader of the free world.

David Chowes, PCV

Enough from ‘Name Withheld’

I call on the Editor of the Town & Village to end the practice of withholding the names of those who write letters to the Editor.

If you have a comment to make or feedback to give, please have the courage of your convictions and sign your name. It is shameful to criticize others anonymously as when a recent letter from Name Withheld criticized the board of the tenant association for not doing enough.

Thank you, Soni Fink, for addressing the matter in a brilliant way. I’ll go a step further, however, and urge the editor of this newspaper not to publish any letter without printing names from now on.

If you agree with me, please let the editor know. I sign proudly and publicly,

Alain Montour, PCV

Editor’s note: We agree that there have been an abundance of “name withheld” specials in the letters section recently, and we would like to encourage those who submit letters to allow their names to be published.

We understand that sometimes people have legitimate reasons to request anonymity — for example, some people’s employers may frown on them sharing their opinions publicly. However, in many cases, it simply appears that the writer is trying to hide, especially if the letter is critical of someone or something. Additionally, it’s important to note that no one’s rent-stabilized apartment can be threatened by the tenant’s utilization of their First Amendment rights.

In the interest of maintaining the credibility of the message in each letter, we hope to receive fewer requests for names to be withheld.

5 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 7

  1. There’s a green Dodge Caravan in front of 628 E. 20th St. tha sits in a handicapped space and never moves. It looks like it’s used by a homeless person for storage.

  2. Re: Handicapped spots being warehoused,

    If you read the NYC V&T law:


    NYC V&T Law section 4-08m

    “(9) Street storage of vehicles prohibited. When parking is not otherwise restricted, no person shall park any vehicle in any area, including a residential area, in excess of seven consecutive days.”

    Then refer to the restrictions on NYC Parking Permits for persons with Disabilities in section 4-08o 1 iii

    “Any vehicle displaying such a permit shall be used exclusively in connection with
    parking a vehicle in which the person to whom it has been issued is being transported or will
    be transported within a reasonable period of time.”

    Using those criteria, you have basis to call the DOT, (1-718-433-3100) and ask how enforcement is done, and if they will investigate and refer to the local precinct.

    You are correct in complaining about this. The city depends on voluntary compliance with the rules, and consideration of fellow citizens who need accommodation. There is no reason for a street spot to be occupied by the same vehicle for such an extended period.

    • An argument can be made that persons can feel more honest and informative when the newspaper withholds their names. Anyone who criticizes the Tenants Association risks incurring the wrath of its henchmen who will then troll the internet attacking them. As a result, the Tenants Association and its 50 members have no credibility in the community. Nonetheless, they control a multi-million dollar budget and the “slush fund” at the Tenants Association Foundation.

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