Letters to the Editor, Apr. 21

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

We help seniors avoid abusive grifters

To the Editor of Town & Village,

Sadly, the terrible roommate experience encountered by Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village resident “Neal,” described in your March 31, 2016, article “When your roommate’s an abusive grifter” is all too common in NYC. Thankfully, it need not be.

New York Foundation for Senior Citizens’ Home Sharing Program, the only service of its type in New York City, provides free comprehensive screening and matching services for individuals seeking shared living arrangements that can help potential roommates avoid the type of dreadful experience encountered by “Neal.”

The program’s team of experienced professional licensed social workers link potential “hosts” who have extra private spaces in their homes to share with compatible “guests” seeking suitable housing. At least one of the share-mates in each match must be age 60 or older. For more information on how New York Foundation for Senior Citizens’ Home Sharing Program can help promote companionship and enhance financial wellbeing by matching you or someone you know with a professionally screened and compatible roommate, call (212) 962-7559 or visit nyfsc.org today.


Linda Hoffman
President, New York Foundation for Senior Citizens

T&V column unfairly bashes Trump

To the Editor,

Writers of opinion columns ensnare readers by asserting a hypothesis that achieves the writer’s objective. In his April 14 column, Steven Sanders uses the hypothesis that character is the most important factor in evaluating a presidential candidate. He then uses his hypothesis to criticize Donald Trump by interpreting some things Trump has said.

Sanders didn’t take the next step and apply his hypothesis to the democratic front-runner: Hillary Clinton. Her character falls far short of qualifying to be president. And the things that disqualify her are major things she has done, not just interpretations of things she has said.

She lied to the public about the Benghazi terrorist attack, while telling the truth to her daughter. She mishandled classified material by using a private server for secretary of state communications in violation of the government’s requirements for that office. In response to Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, Hillary maligned Lewinsky. A poll last month showed that 57 percent of eligible voters think Hillary is “not honest and trustworthy.”

Let’s try a different hypothesis. The office of President of the United States is the largest management and leadership job in our country.

The most important factor in evaluating a presidential candidate is the candidate’s proven ability to successfully manage and lead a large organization. Donald Trump has built a large, exceptionally successful business. This shows he is an outstanding manager and leader. In building this business, he has surrounded himself with expert associates in areas where he does not have detailed knowledge. He will do the same as President of the United States.

Floyd Smith, PCV

Hamilton’s legacy now involves Trump

Now when “Hamilton” is mentioned we think of the award winning Broadway show that is the most difficult ticket to buy because it is so critically claimed and popular. Or we can see a picture of him on U.S. paper currency.

But how many know that he began the first continually published daily newspaper which still exists? The New York Post was founded by Hamilton in 1801. Of course, it has gone through many iterations during the past over two centuries.

When I was younger, it was the most liberal major paper and the publisher was Dorothy Schiff. As she got older, it was time to sell it and Rupert Murdoch bought it and being Murdoch, he made it a Fleet Street right wing vehicle. The sports section was and is always good – but Mr. Murdoch made it far more sensational than it was when Ms. Schiff was the publisher.

Unlike The New York Times and The Washington Post, it does not separate its news reporting from its ultra right wing editorial and opinion agenda. Last week, it reached its zenith by endorsing “the Donald.” Yes, Mr. Donald J. Trump who has almost destroyed the G.O.P. and far worse, our election process and our always fragile democratic republic. I don’t buy the paper and if I see it on a bus – I don’t pick it up because I suspect it may be filled with germs.

David Chowes, PCV

Dog rules seem arbitrary

To the Editor,

The new management company is turning out to have a totalitarian streak.

Within only 20 days, tenants were served with “House Rules” that purport to add excessive and illegal provisions to the leases which we all signed. This maneuver seeks to trick tenants into waiving the terms of their lease, to incorporate these additional terms. If the additional terms of a lease merely repeat law that is in effect in New York City, then fine. The problem is that these “House Rules” go far beyond New York City law.

Take, for example, the right of all tenants to have a dog as a pet. New York City has the “90 day rule” with regard to pets. A tenant is permitted to keep a dog of any size if the tenant owns the pet for at least 90 days in the apartment.

The landlord is deemed to have “waived” any objections or other terms that might be written down in the apartment least. (See: NYC Admin. Code § 27-2009.1(b); and, Westchester County Laws, Chapter 694).

On the other hand, the purported House Rules say “all dogs shall be registered with the landlord,” and provides other punitive provisions relating to dog ownership that conflicts with New York City law.

For example, under New York City law, dogs may be active and make noises (after all, they are dogs), until 10 p.m. The ST/PCV House Rules say, “Tenants with pets who incessantly make noise are subject to the disciplinary terms found under Section 2 (Quiet Enjoyment).” This is total nonsense.

In fact, Section 2 is full of garbled legalese intended to intimidate dog owners. There are no “disciplinary items” in that section.

The intention of the House Rules are to treat tenants like they are children. An owner has no legal right to change the terms of a lease unilaterally, and these House Rules should be ignored and set aside. They have no legal effect, and on behalf of all tenants (whether they own dogs or not), we respectfully say “no thank you.”

Yours sincerely,

Name withheld, ST

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 21

  1. Re comment by Mr. Floyd Smith

    Name one major party candidate for president who could be critical of John McCain because he likes winners; trash Ms. Fiorina’s face; saying that he could say plenty about Rand Paul’s looks as well; and say his daughter is so hot that if he was not her father he would like to…; Add the Trump University fraud; his many scams where he took the money and left the investors held out to dry; and need his mouth washed out with soap.

    Now he gives cues for violence to his admirers if he doesn’t get the G. O. P. nomination.

    He has converted the primary process into a cage fighting arena. He is a vulgarian who never mentions that he inherited his company from his daddy.

    Sir, name one.

    • Donald Trump should be either in the slammer or the nuthouse. He is filthy, vile troublemaker and an incestuously-inclined pervert. Not only did he make suggestive remarks about his oldest daughter, Ivanka, but he also made similar remarks when Marla Maples gave birth to a daughter, Tiffany. He was drooling over her legs and saying they were like her mother’s, but he wasn’t sure if she would have the va va voom breasts that her mother has.

      Before anyone casts a vote in favor of Trump, ask yourself if you would leave your young daughter alone with him?

      • “Vickie,” As a psychologist I know that most lay people confuse the jargon used in the mental health field. He is not psychotic because he can function. But he does suffer from phobias and if you look in the American Psychiatric Association’s “Diagnostic and Statistic Manuel-5”, the “Bible” of psychopathologies — look in the section on personality disorders and take your pick. His HUGE self regard emanates from basic and great insecurity.

        And his father was so concerned about his spoiled and aggressive behaviors, he put from an upscale private school into a military academy for remediation.

        As with many psychological and psychiatric interventions it doesn’t seem to have been effective.

        • Nowhere in my comment did I say he was psychotic. He’s an asshole with some very dubious proclivities, but I don’t think, and didn’t say, that he is psychotic. Grandiose and delusional, yes, but many people can be thusly described. Including some who post here.

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