Maloney opponent gets constituent request

Peter Lindner

Peter Lindner

By Sabina Mollot

Pete Lindner, the Union Square Democrat who recently launched a campaign against Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, has, without even been voted for yet, handled his first constituent request.

According to Lindner, a woman called him out of the blue after reading the profile of him that ran in this newspaper last month, to ask for help filing for Medicare.

“She said, ‘I read that nice story about you,’” he said. While he was able to look into some information to help with her query, Lindner said he wanted, if elected, to make it easier for people to get information on things like Medicare or Social Security by creating a central hotline.

“If I were in Congress, there’d be one (phone) number, and they’d have to pass (the questions) on, rather than have this 80-year-old woman do it,” the candidate said.

In the meantime, Lindner, an openly gay computer programmer with no political background, has been continuing to petition to get his name on the ballot. His platform is centered on gun safety and legalizing marijuana and prostitution, with the latter cause aimed at protecting sex workers’ rights.

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