No current plans for ST dog run

Dog owners at the first Dog Days event on April 16 (Pictured) Janet Spampanato with her dog Joey and Nicole and Dave Burner with Lulu (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Dog owners at the first Dog Days event on April 16 (Pictured) Janet Spampanato with her dog Joey and Nicole and Dave Burner with Lulu (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

While the “Dog Days” event series that’s also a trial dog run is being hailed as a success by management, there are currently no plans for anything permanent.

So far the event has been held three times at Stuyvesant Town’s Playground 1, and currently, it’s scheduled to run again on May 7.

ST/PCV General Manager Rick Hayduk said that the response from dog owners has been overwhelmingly positive, which would mirror the sentiments of almost all the dog owners who’d previously spoken with T&V about the concept.

“We are pleased with the success of the dog days event, which provided an opportunity for neighbors to meet and enabled management to register over 50 dogs,” Hayduk said this week.

However, he added, “We do not have plans to install a permanent dog run at the property in the foreseeable future.”

When asked, should a dog run ever become permanent, if it would be done on a part-time basis or moved around to different playgrounds, management said it was too soon to speculate.

However, Hayduk said one lesson learned was that the music played at the first event, which served as white noise to muffle the barking of the dogs, seemed to help. While there were three complaints about the music that day from tenants, the following week, when there was no music played during the event, there were a handful of complaints about all the barking. He added that both Dog Days events have attracted a cross-generational crowd and that, due to a renewed push to get pooches registered, management expects to see fewer nonresidents walking their dogs through the complex.

At the upcoming events, management will continue to register pets onsite and distribute the new blue ID tags for dogs.

UPDATE: This article has been changed to reflect the fact that the Dog Days event is scheduled to take place only one more time, on May 7.

5 thoughts on “No current plans for ST dog run

  1. It wasn’t a success if you happen to live at the playground. It was an unmitigated disaster. The music was terribly loud too. I personally know a dozen people who complained to management, so to say they got 3 complaints is BS!

    • Fred has a good point. It’s always interesting about the people who don’t live near them how they love these so called “amenities”.

      • Not sure about Fred but I’m happy. Happy they have no current plans for ST dog run and I’m happy Fred corrected the one sided reporting that occurred.

      • I am happy. Happy that managements lies were exposed and that there are no current plans for a dog park. I would be happier if they would say there will never be a dog park in the middle of thousands of apartments but I’ll take this for now.

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