NYU Langone expanding to 41st St.

NYU Langone will occupy all of 222 East 41st Street in addition to its current First Avenue facility. (Photo courtesy of Columbia Property Trust)

NYU Langone will occupy all of 222 East 41st Street in addition to its current First Avenue facility. (Photo courtesy of Columbia Property Trust)

By Sabina Mollot

NYU Langone Medical Center will be expanding its presence on the East Side, having just inked a 30-year lease with landlord Columbia Property Trust, Inc. for an additional building.

The owner, in an announcement last Thursday, said the hospital will be occupying the entire building, a 25-story office tower at 222 East 41st Street. NYU Langone is expected to move in around the end of the year, after another Columbia’s lease with law firm Jones Day at the property expired last October. The owner didn’t say what the rent would be.

NYU Langone will be converting the building into a combination of medical offices, ambulatory care facilities and other ancillary uses. The lobby has already been upgraded and Columbia Property Trust said the hospital will also benefit from other amenities at the building, which was built in 2001 and acquired by Columbia in 2007.

Services currently planned for the building are ophthalmology, plastic surgery, neurology, urology, dermatology, orthopedics and radiology as well as other physician practice offices. However, hospital spokesperson DJ Haffeman said there still might be changes.

She added that the programs moving to 41st Street are not hospital based but are existing ambulatory programs that have outgrown the current space at 550 First Avenue at 30th Street. There may be some new hires though no plans have been made yet.

“We are very pleased that NYU Langone Medical Center has selected 222 East 41st to be its next Manhattan location,” said Nelson Mills, president and CEO of Columbia Property Trust, in an official statement. “Our ability to secure a long-term tenant with an esteemed reputation like NYU, while also successfully addressing the most significant lease expiration in our portfolio with minimal downtime, is a testament to this building’s quality and the ability of our local team.”

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    • But he’s supporting Donald Trump. I saw him being interviewed on CNBC the other day and that’s what he said.

        • “He owns practically every democrat in the state of NY.”

          This line is a joke, right? He’s been a major league Repub. for some time now except in 1992 when he backed Perot. Get of of your Fox News bubble. Like most NYS Repubs. he does not believe in any residential housing regs, especially NYS RS law (socialism). Which your Party destroyed with vacancy decontrol..

          Fred, funny during your corruption tirades, you never mention Skelos. Here’s hoping that he and Silver share a cell. They deserve each other.

      • Sorry should ahve said NYS. Yet it’s the Dems like Garodnick that he owns. I’d say the same about MSNBC or the main stream media if I cared about you but I don’t so continue being you, since no one else wants to be. P.S. Happy Skelos will be sentenced today. All corrupt politicians should be ousted. Of course, that would leave no politicians on the NYC council or the mayors office. They are so corrupt they are now streamlining their bribes by pushing bag fees on NYers instead of a tax. This way, the money goes into the pockets of retailers who then funnel the money back to the politicians. Brilliantly corrupt. Let’s not even start with De Blasio!

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