Letters to the editor, May 12

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Landlords are not hurting for money

Re: “Tenants may get rent freeze,” T&V, May 5

To Whom it May Concern:

So the landlords want more money. Surprise, surprise, as they say once again they can’t make a living.  Let me tell you a secret.

I personally know one owner who has over fifty apartment buildings in New York City whose net worth is over $300 million dollars. Money is not a problem. I know another owner who is worth more than a billion dollars from residential real estate owned throughout the country.

So to those real estate owners who need more money? Let me tell them, either they don’t know how to make money in real estate or they should find another business. Don’t quote me, but there is probably less than one-half of one percent of real estate owners who are somehow suffering. That is not enough to give them an increase.

So please, call whomever you can. Tell them that apartment owners don’t need a raise.

They are doing pretty well with the way things are.

Larry Edwards, ST

Knock, knock, who isn’t there?

Re: Letter, “What’s wrong with knocking on doors?”, T&V, May 5, and story, “ST/PCV off limits to door knocking for pols, candidates,” T&V, Apr. 28

To the Editor:

Many, many thanks to Charles Sturcken for his eloquent, very well-reasoned and strong rejection of management’s misguided statements regarding “healthy political discussions” and community involvement. Home and community are exactly where educated civic participation begins. Many thanks also to Ken Chanko for bringing this important issue to everyone’s attention.

I strongly urge the Tenants Association to immediately and forcefully repudiate management’s attempt to control tenants’ speech and actions. We do not give up our rights by signing a lease.

Stephanie Bershad, ST

Hoping for more Dog Days in ST

Re: “No current plans for ST dog run,” T&V, Apr. 28

Well, we have had our trial period. Everyone who made use of the dog parks are happy. Now we need to make it a more normal thing to happen.

It was nice to see dogs run and play with the dogs they see every day. For the most part, there seemed to be no major problems. There was some barking. Dogs will be dogs just like kids will be kids. They are not silent players either. An hour and a half one day a week is not that much to ask from people.

Some people are new to dog parks and need to learn the common rules – like not bringing food in for humans or dogs and no toys other than tennis balls. This may seem mean but the presence of food and toys can easily instigate a fight that would not otherwise occur. If you want to bring something, bring a bowl and some water.

Let’s hope that this becomes a regular affair. It is a win-win situation. Dogs get to play and the children get a clean playground when they’re done.

There will always be those who think dogs don’t belong in PCV/ST. All I can say to that is come watch them play in a park. The joy is on everyone’s faces – human and canine.

Chere Krist, PCV

Dog run would diminish quality of life

Stuyvesant Town has been my home for decades and one of the reasons I had found it such a wonderful place to live in the past was the oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city that it provided.

Sadly, that peace and quiet has been steadily eroded over the last 10 years by things like tenants who have little or no carpeting, loud concerts on the Oval and barking dogs. The last thing that many tenants now want to be forced to endure is the noise from a dog run.

It’s bad enough that we have to put up with all the other unfortunate dog issues here like owners who don’t pick up adequately or at all after their dogs, use illegal, dangerously long leashes, deliberately lift their dogs over fences meant to keep them out of areas where they shouldn’t be, allow their dogs to do their business on our trees, bushes, plants and flowers, permit their dogs to bark endlessly inside apartments, do little or nothing to stop their dogs from barking when outdoors and place their dogs on benches that were intended for people, not pets.

Name withheld, ST

One thought on “Letters to the editor, May 12

  1. “Everyone who made use of the dog parks are happy. Now we need to make it a more normal thing to happen…Let’s hope that this becomes a regular affair. It is a win-win situation.” – Chere Krist

    This is the standard, predicable, selfish view point of dog owners. A dog run is NOT a win-win situation for the people who live around it. Would you want a noisy dog run under the windows of your home?

    It’s time for Management to stop favoring the 10% of dog owning tenants over the 90% of tenants living here who don’t own dogs. I sincerely doubt that Management has to worry about offending dog owning tenants if they don’t provide a dog run on the property. It’s highly unlikely that any dog owner will move out or not move in here because there isn’t one.

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