Men arrested for car break-in in ST

June23 sign

A sign by an entrance in Stuyvesant Town (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Four men were arrested for thefts following an alleged car break-in in Stuyvesant Town last week. Nineteen-year-old Ronny Rocha, 20-year-old Raudelvin Then, 26-year-old Joselues Beatonu and 20-year-old Brayan Matos were busted at the corner of East 13th Street and Avenue C last Saturday at 4:30 a.m. after allegedly breaking into a car in front of 435 East 14th Street.

Police said they saw on video surveillance that the four men approached a table behind 280 First Avenue around 3:41 a.m. while carrying a purse. According to the District Attorney’s office, the men removed items from the bag, passing the items back and forth among themselves, before throwing the purse into the bushes behind the table.
The four men could also be seen on video surveillance a few minutes later at 3:47 a.m., while they were reportedly reaching into a car through the broken front passenger’s side window in front of 435 East 14th Street. Rocha could allegedly be seen going through a bag in the car and removing property, but it was unknown if Then, Beatonu and Matos took property from the car.

Police said that when he was arrested, Matos was in possession of one of the victim’s credit cards. No further information was available on where the discarded purse was allegedly stolen from.

Rocha, Then, Beatonu and Matos were charged with criminal possession of stolen property and attempted petit larceny.

Lawyers for the four men did not respond to a request for comment before T&V’s deadline.

One thought on “Men arrested for car break-in in ST

  1. Petty Larceny- DeBlasio Admin means your out in a couple of hours to start your crime spree again! Breaking the window of a car, credit card theft, who knows how they got someones pocket book. Its time they started teaching these petit criminals that crime does not pay! NO more slaps on the wrist! Get rid of this administration and put the criminals in Jail where they belong, if you want to rehab them start there!

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