Editorial: For Congress, T&V endorses Maloney

With the Congressional primary happening on Tuesday, June 28, East Side democrats will have the opportunity to vote for longtime incumbent Carolyn Maloney or political newcomer Peter Lindner.
In this race, Town & Village is endorsing Maloney and here are a few reasons.
Legislation-wise, despite the gridlock in Washington, Maloney has steadfastly called for the stronger gun control measures this country clearly needs. Not even a death threat phoned into her office two years ago after she called for gun owners to buy liability insurance was enough to make her fold on this important issue.
She has a record of aiming big on issues that affect everyday people, with passed legislation like the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights, which protects consumers from certain types of ridiculous fees credit card companies had been charging, like retroactive rate increases on existing balances, to legislation that forces colleges to take more action and offer more transparency with regards to incidents of sexual violence on campus.
She’s also steadfastly been a champion of women’s rights, fighting for things from family leave to equal pay for equal work to making sure there’s adequate funding for rape kits. Just last week, Maloney introduced a bill to expand family and medical leave.
On homeland security, recently introduced legislation would end the ability of owners of limited liability companies to be able to hide behind anonymity, which, Maloney has learned, has led to opportunities to launder money for terror funding.
District-wise, she’s concerned with everyday problems like ensuring there’s quality mass transit options available, having stayed on top of the MTA regarding progress of the Second Avenue Subway construction and the looming construction in the L train tunnel. She also has a history of being a visible presence in the community for more local issues, including a number tenant vs. landlord conflicts in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village alone.
In short, on issues both large and small, we feel that throughout the years Maloney has proved herself as a fighter for the well-being of her district and the country.
As for her opponent, while we applaud efforts by underdog candidates who face off against well-ingrained opponents, we’re not sure Lindner’s ready for the job.
He openly has said he isn’t focused on any district related issues. Additionally, key issues for Lindner include using technology to make government agencies more user friendly, and, like his opponent, enacting stronger gun control measures. He also would legalize marijuana and prostitution. We don’t question his ideas, but we don’t believe these things are enough to build an entire political platform on, especially given his lack of experience in political work or activism.

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