Editorial: For Congress, T&V endorses Maloney

With the Congressional primary happening on Tuesday, June 28, East Side democrats will have the opportunity to vote for longtime incumbent Carolyn Maloney or political newcomer Peter Lindner.
In this race, Town & Village is endorsing Maloney and here are a few reasons.
Legislation-wise, despite the gridlock in Washington, Maloney has steadfastly called for the stronger gun control measures this country clearly needs. Not even a death threat phoned into her office two years ago after she called for gun owners to buy liability insurance was enough to make her fold on this important issue.
She has a record of aiming big on issues that affect everyday people, with passed legislation like the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights, which protects consumers from certain types of ridiculous fees credit card companies had been charging, like retroactive rate increases on existing balances, to legislation that forces colleges to take more action and offer more transparency with regards to incidents of sexual violence on campus.
She’s also steadfastly been a champion of women’s rights, fighting for things from family leave to equal pay for equal work to making sure there’s adequate funding for rape kits. Just last week, Maloney introduced a bill to expand family and medical leave.
On homeland security, recently introduced legislation would end the ability of owners of limited liability companies to be able to hide behind anonymity, which, Maloney has learned, has led to opportunities to launder money for terror funding.
District-wise, she’s concerned with everyday problems like ensuring there’s quality mass transit options available, having stayed on top of the MTA regarding progress of the Second Avenue Subway construction and the looming construction in the L train tunnel. She also has a history of being a visible presence in the community for more local issues, including a number tenant vs. landlord conflicts in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village alone.
In short, on issues both large and small, we feel that throughout the years Maloney has proved herself as a fighter for the well-being of her district and the country.
As for her opponent, while we applaud efforts by underdog candidates who face off against well-ingrained opponents, we’re not sure Lindner’s ready for the job.
He openly has said he isn’t focused on any district related issues. Additionally, key issues for Lindner include using technology to make government agencies more user friendly, and, like his opponent, enacting stronger gun control measures. He also would legalize marijuana and prostitution. We don’t question his ideas, but we don’t believe these things are enough to build an entire political platform on, especially given his lack of experience in political work or activism.

19 thoughts on “Editorial: For Congress, T&V endorses Maloney

  1. With the (mostly underage) drinking and student drinkathons on the Oval, we certainly don’t need legalized prostitution. The City Council has decreed that it’s ok to turn NYC into a public toilet (something Stuyvesant Town has been for a long time now) so we don’t need anyone who will make it worse. As for Pot being legalized, you would never know it wasn’t if you come to Stuyvesant Town. The stench of Pot and Piss permeates the property.

  2. Maloney knows what she is doing and she’s a fighter. She’s not perfect, but she’s been good for her constituents.

  3. That’s too bad. Maloney is a career politician, a 1%er worth 28mil, a limousine liberal. How did she make so much money on a Congresswoman’s salary? Real Estate? Hmmm. I have no problem with people being rich- but I’m very skeptical of people who have not spent a day in the private sector making millions working in government.
    Maloney is a big fan of abortion, fighting any restrictions, any regulation of clinics, promoting abortion abroad, in any way, to any extent. I’m sorry but this is a bad policy to be so militant about. It’s bad for women, bad for babies, bad for our country. She is on the liberal side of all the issues, and look where that has gotten us.
    Especially under Obama, politicians like Maloney have helped turn America into a banana republic. The culture is sick and dying, rampant drug problems (and we are legalizing marijuana!), sexually transmitted diseases, decline in traditional marriage and birthrate, massive unemployment. All our values have been turned upside down.
    It is a contest with liberals/progressives to see who can give away more- free healthcare, free pre-K, free college…..
    Robert Ardini is the Republican running against her. I don’t know much about him, but I will not vote for Maloney. Just sayin’.

    • No one is a “big fan of abortion.” Many, including Maloney, are for a women’s right to choose. Abortion is never an easy decision; your lack of empathy is shocking, especially coming from a woman. That you would characterize “choice” in such a cavalier manner is disappointing. Maloney is pro-women’s health and in providing access to women’s healthcare. She does not fight restrictions or regulations that would ever affect the quality of care any patient might seek. To characterize her positions in any other way is simply untrue, disingenuous, and callous.

      Her money comes from her late husband, who was an investment banker. Rather than lead a pampered, coddled, lazy life, she, instead, devoted her life to trying to make a difference in others via legislation. She’s not a big recipient of PAC money and is beholden to no one. For you to suggest otherwise is simply not honest. FWIW, 1%ers are the most philanthropic of all income groups and while you claim to have “no problem with people being rich,” it would seem that you actually do. That she didn’t spend much time in the private sector, because she devoted herself to public service, is the result of the comfortable living her husband afforded her. If you are opposed to her because she is liberal and progressive then you should simply say that– no more, no less. To spread untruths doesn’t do you, your opinions, or Robert Ardini (who you admit to knowing nothing about) any favors. Just sayin’.

      • @Signora,

        P.S. Since President Barack Obama first took office:
        •Homicides have dropped 13 percent, but gun sales have surged.
        •The economy has added more than 9 million jobs, and the jobless rate has dropped to below the historical median.
        •The number of long-term unemployed Americans has dropped by 614,000 under Obama.
        • Unemployment is now just under 5%
        • 9,265,000 have been added
        •Corporate profits are up 166 percent; real weekly wages are up 3.4 percent.
        •There are 15 million fewer people who lack health insurance.
        •Wind and solar power have nearly tripled, and now account for more than 5 percent of U.S. electricity.
        • The Export of Goods and Services is up 31%

        Hardly sounds like the “banana republic” you mistakenly think liberals have turned this country in to. Maybe the America you’re speak of isn’t the one up in North America– the United States. That Obama’s been able to accomplish anything at all, given the “party of no” he’s confronted with in our Congress, makes his achievements even more spectacular. Me? I think things are better than they’ve been in a long, long time. I love that people’s minds seem to be open to trying and exploring new things. Who knows.. maybe there’ll even be something fabulous and groundbreaking that someone can come up with to deal with all these bananas you seem to be surrounded by.

        • Interesting that you call bullshit on these statistics since they’re culled directly from the General Accounting Office.

        • I apologize your gun statistic is correct only you give credit to the Obama administration for the homicide rate decreasing when the real correlation should be to the rise in gun ownership not to the Obama administration.

        • Hmmmm… okay, so I suppose the increase in community policing and the removal of lead from both gasoline and paint over the years hasn’t made a bit of difference? Since the correlation between violent crime and lead in gasoline (and paint) has been accepted science for more than 20 years, I can only guess that you’re also a “science denier” as well.

        • If you mean junk or bullshit science then yes I am a denier. if you mean actual science, i.e., not slanted by liberals to try and make a point that is BS on it’s own then No.

      • Nonsense. Many people are big fans of abortion. Your lack of empathy for the baby who is going to end up dead for no fault of it’s own is shocking…OK not really as most liberals are from the entitlement world and only have empathy for themselves.

        • I am pro-choice and can honestly say I’ve never in my life met an actual “fan of abortion.” I have, though, met many who believe in a women’s right to have autonomy over her own body. Especially when you consider that a terminated fetus, unable to sustain life outside of said woman’s body, is hardly a “baby,” but instead a collection of cells with no consciousness. So you and I clearly disagree as to when life begins and I respect that we have different opinions on that. However, your gross over-generalizations about “most liberals” and your assumption that I am entitled or lacking in empathy (you neither know me nor anything about me) is rude, unfair, and close-minded. As I’d stated earlier, an abortion is NEVER an easy decision for anyone. Still it’s a woman’s decision and quite a personal one. It is certainly not yours (a man) to make, nor anyone except that woman. You may disagree with her decision for yourself (or for your partner) but to deny anyone else autonomy over their own body is not only an “entitled” position but the Supreme Court has upheld that right.

        • First, who cares about your opinion? Not me. Secondly, you state “However, your gross over-generalizations about “most liberals” and your assumption that I am entitled or lacking in empathy (you neither know me nor anything about me) is rude” Now take a look at what you said to the poster you were responding to and you’ll note all I did was copy what you said to that person.

        • Did they not clean up those things in Chicago where homicides are off the charts???

  4. Oh your stats are culled from Obama’s GAO office. You’re right they wouldn’t lie, except if they wanted to keep their jobs. Anyone with even half a brain knows the unemployment numbers are pure BS. I’m sure that Jeh Johnson at Homeland is truthful about illegal immigration too. Keep drinking the KoolAid. Stupid looks good on you.

    • So, first you tell me I’m not entitled to express my opinion (yet you are, huh?) and then you call me “stupid?” Nice to see that your 3rd visit through second grade worked so well for you… not. I tried to be civil and even respected our differences. No more. You’d know all about “stupid,” that’s plain to see. I’m done with you and your foolish rudeness. I can only hope there are no women in your life (though it’s doubtful that would ever be by choice… oops! I used THAT word with you. LOL) as it’s obvious you care not a whit what they think or feel since you are the expert on all things reproductive and female. Save your strength and go take a nap, I won’t be responding to you anymore. Peace out boyfriend!

  5. Fetus’s die because they are cut off from food. All human life dies if cut off from food. Perhaps we should abort all liberals, since most are brain dead and the rest never grow up.

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