Letters to the Editor, June 30

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Bernie’s still pretending to be a candidate

Dear Sir,

Mr. John Giannone in his letter appearing in the June 16 issue of T&V (“In defense of Bernie’s attacks on Hillary”) goes after Steven Sanders for his piece questioning the motives of Bernie Sanders to remain a candidate for the Democratic Party after Hillary Clinton became the indisputable presumptive nominee and defends Bernie’s attacks on Hillary (“Helter Skelter Bernie,” T&V, May 25).

We could agree that Steven Sanders might have been somewhat hyperbolic in his allegations about Senator Sanders’s motives. However, Bernie Sanders’s insistence on continuing to pretend that he is still a candidate and the inconsistencies and even hypocrisy in some of his demands, lend credence to suspicions of some ulterior motive.

Hillary Clinton won the nomination fair and square with 4 million more votes and 2.218 pledged delegates in 34 contests, to Sanders’s 1,833 super delegates and win in 23 contests. Sanders, who started by exciting many progressive democrats, myself included, who welcomed his candidacy and even sent him money feeling that he was moving the Democratic Party in the correct direction, effectively lost me and many others when he was asked “How?” All he has done is offering non-stop his line about the “revolution” and descriptions about what needs to change in this country, without one iota of an actual plan about how he is going to achieve anything. For me and the 15,805,135 voters who voted for Hillary Clinton, that was not enough. We were looking for a presidential candidate, not for a revolutionary-in-chief.

Mr. Giannone indicts Hillary on her Iraq war vote, which she has acknowledged as a mistake and goes into the history of U.S. military mistakes and entanglements all the way to the Kennedy administration. However, he ignores his preferred candidate’s glaring failure to acknowledge his pro-gun position as a mistake, having voted five times against background checks (Brady Bill) but voting in support of immunity to gun manufacturers from lawsuits. I will add to that his failure to appear last Wednesday in person at the Senate floor to support the 15 hour Democratic led filibuster where 38 Democrats and even two Republicans participated.

Mr. Giannone claims that Bernie Sanders continues with his “campaign” because of philosophical differences with the Democrats and because he wants to make the primary process more democratic. Sanders, however, keeps quiet about the most undemocratic process of them all, namely the caucuses. Could it be because the caucus system benefited him the most?

Mr. Giannone, like many Sanders supporters, does not give any thought to Hillary Clinton’s achievements as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, focusing solely on the Iraq vote.

For anybody who cares to check, Clinton has the strongest and more comprehensive plan to tackle Wall Street and the financial sector and it should be noted that Elizabeth Warren, the undisputable leader in dealing with malfeasance in the financial sector, did not endorse Sanders but has become now a whole-hearted ally of Hillary Clinton. Is she another establishment politician?

It is anybody’s guess what Sanders hopes to achieve by delaying support for the Democratic nominee. But the longer he waits, the more irrelevant he risks to become.

Thank you.

Anna Theofilopoulou, ST

Help for injured birds a phone call away

This weekend, I was walking my dog under the FDR at 18th St. by Stuyvesant Cove and I found a baby pigeon on the ground. It was too young to fly and there didn’t seem to be a parent around.

I asked a gardener at Stuy Cove if there was some sort of protocol for rescuing baby birds and he said no; it happens often that the babies fall out of the nests under the FDR Drive and they usually die; there really was nothing to do.

I couldn’t leave the bird to die so I started Googling on my phone and I found The Wild Bird Fund, located at 565 Columbus Ave. at 87th St. They take in wounded birds every day from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. I brought the baby pigeon there and they were amazing. The bird had a broken leg. They said they would keep the bird for a few weeks until it was healthy and could fly and then they would release it. I left a small donation to help with the care of the bird as they are a nonprofit.

Please, if you find a bird that needs help, take it to the Wild Bird Fund; don’t leave it to die. Thank you.

Elizabeth Drury, ST

Don’t come a-knockin’

Re: Article, “ST/PCV off limits to door knocking for pols, candidates,” T&V, Apr. 28 and letter, “What’s wrong with knocking on doors?”, T&V, May 5

I was amazed at the article about Ken Chanko and letter from a Stuy Town resident, in support of ringing apartment bells to canvass for a politician.

As an ill relative having a much needed nap was awakened by this (I came back to find the candidate’s info hanging on the door), I was annoyed that anyone thought this was “their right!”

It’s as though a business feels they are doing “publicity” by shoving menus under your door when in fact they are littering.

One can canvass on the sidewalks, write articles to support their candidate; no one is curtailing their free speech.

And what the current Blackstone management is trying to do at our complex makes total sense.

Name withheld, PCV

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, June 30

  1. That is a horribly offensive cartoon. It is not the cop on the beat who is taking bribes and is corrupt. It is the higher echelon of the NYPD who are overpaid and underworked.

    • Corruption begins at the top. The whole De Blasio administration is corrupt. Why didn’t De Blasio fire Bratton?

  2. The higher ups in City Hall and the Health Department are all responsible for selling out affordability. The time has come to call them to account.

  3. Just a quick note to Anna Theofilopoulou. Hillary Clinton is not the “Presumptive nominee” under the rules established by the DNC. That would require 2383 pledged delegates – enough to win the nomination on the first ballot without the support of the Superdelegates. Instead, she is classified as a “weak front runner” and this will be a contested convention.

    This is important when the Party Platform comes up for a vote at the convention. The Committee that drafted the Platform split 7-6 on several issues that are important for New Yorkers and America. Were Bernie to endorse Hillary now, he and his delegates would lose the right to vote on these issues.

    For the record, in 2008, Hillary did not concede the Primary and endorse Obama until three days after he did attain enough pledged delegateso win the nomination on the first ballot without the support of the Superdelegates. This year, Hillary and her campaign staff started issuing calls for Bernie to concede before the Primaries concluded and, even now, after those Primaries, she does not have sufficient delegates.

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