Letters to the Editor, July 7

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Zero % increase for stabilized tenants

To the Editor:

I’ve been listening to several of my neighbors, all rent stabilized, and something doesn’t add up.

We’ve had three apartments in and out over the last several years. My current neighbors, finishing up their lease, pay twice as much as me.  Once they’re gone, the new occupant(s) may pay closer to three times as much as me.

And who would argue that this increase per apartment isn’t happening on every floor of every building in both Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village?

Now, if you take the average age of all the rent stabilized tenants, it’s got to be closer to 80 than 60. So given that management is making such an enormous vig on all of the many new tenants, why wouldn’t the stabilized tenants be stabilized at their rents permanently? Management isn’t going to buy them out.

There’s no other stabilized housing in the city where half of the stock is luxury at unlimited turnover at unregulated increases.

Rentals to new tenants is tantamount to scooping up money with both hands. Raises to stabilized guidelines is tantamount to picking up bottles for their return deposits.

Zero increase for the lifetime of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village’s stabilized tenants.

Billy Sternberg, ST

IRS scammer threatened to kidnap me

Re: Treasury dept. scammer threatens T&V editor with jail,” T&V, June 30


My IRS phone scammer got upset when I asked for their badge number, a standard IRS protocol. When I told him he was an impostor engaging in a criminal fraud he read my address and then threatened me with kidnapping.

I knew it was an empty threat, but I could imagine a neighborhood senior, living alone, being terribly frightened by such a threat.

Why the FBI is not pursuing these scam calls further than they are is anyone’s guess. Making a telephonic threat of kidnapping against an individual in connection with an attempt to obtain money is a federal crime under 18 U.S.C. 875(b).

Sincerely yours,

Name withheld, Gramercy

An illuminating experience in ST/PCV

To the Editor,

Every year before the July 4 Macy’s fireworks on the East River we have this phenomenon at Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town where hundreds of fireflies emerge suddenly after a long disappearance.  After experiencing again this rite of nature, I was moved to write this poem:

Nature’s Fireworks
It’s the first week of summer and we’re sitting on a bench
in the backyard at Stuyvesant Town
to watch the golden sun go down
when suddenly from the grass, rise tiny sparks of light
to flicker in the night. It’s fireflies in flight!
Above the stars are watching, the moon is glowing bright,
illuminated by Nature’s beauty that’s shared with us tonight.

Joy Garland, ST

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, July 7

  1. Dear Sabina,

    As you know I too have had several calls from the so-called IRS. I do not answer calls that I do not recognize but each call has been more threatening. Read about YOUR recent call in T@V.

    I am for gun control; my car has to be registered and all guns should be registered and a person qualified to use it as one has to be to drive a vehicle. I see absolutely no need for automatic weapons that Congress is too timid to outlaw.

    However if I got a threat like anonymous got, I would inform the caller that I was with the FBI and was waiting for them with my AK-47!!
    Really the FBI or Police should go after these criminals calling us dainty little elderly ladies to scare us. And if they originate from out of the Country, the CIA should go get ’em.

    Kay Vota
    Stuy Town

    • Of course you neglect to say that there are millions of unregistered and uninsured cars on the roads today. The vast majority are driven by poor minorities, so I guess the get a pass, right?

  2. U are 100 per cent logical and correct, but greed and profit over people do not acknowledge such rational thinking.

  3. The best advice I can give people about the IRS scam is to inform all their friends and relatives who might not be as savvy, that there is a flood of scam phone calls is going on, and if they get one, to simply ignore the call and hang up. Tell them that IF the IRS had legitimate business to conduct, their procedure is to notify the taxpayer by MAIL.

    There is nothing the government is going to do about this, the technology has outpaced their reasonable ability to enforce the phone system.

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