ST-PCV TA bracing for more facade MCIs

Susan Steinberg

ST-PCV Tenants Association President Susan Steinberg (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

On Sunday, June 26, the ST-PCV Tenants Association sent out an email to neighbors to warn that dues for membership would be going up to $50 a year, but also to mention that additional MCIs were expected.

When explaining the dues raise, the TA said it was due to legal fees mostly for legal challenges like those aimed at fighting MCIs (major capital improvements).

“And we know more MCIs are on the way,” came the warning.

Asked about this later, Susan Steinberg, president of the TA said while this wasn’t in reference to anything new she’d heard about, CWCapital had applied for “a number of them covering many buildings, and only some were issued.”

This was for façade related work. So far, the TA has heard from tenants in 19 buildings in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper who received notice of a pending MCI for external restoration work.

MCIs, even for the same project, are filed separately for each building.

The cost varies from about $1.15 to $3 per room per month.

13 thoughts on “ST-PCV TA bracing for more facade MCIs

  1. I would rather take that $50 and wipe it where the sun don’t shine. Is the TA serious with this increase? What have they done for us lately to justify any money???

    • Steve, maybe you should do just that, since your ignorant comment defies logic and proves you are the ASS.

      • You see, this is how the TA works. I make a comment that doesn’t mention any one person in particular, and “Susan ” replies calling me an ASS. I then go on to ask some pretty simple questions that the TA President should be able to answer. Silence.

        I will make sure everyone I know does not pay that TA membership fee, because it’s worthless.

        • If “Susan” is in fact Susan Steinberg then she should step down. Not simply because she is totally incompetent (which she is) or corrupt (which she is) but because she is unprofessional too.

  2. Quite a few of us would like to know that, Susan. We are overrun with illegal tenants, illegally overstuffed apartments, a cut-to-the-bone “Public Safety” force that doesn’t even enforce rules concerning cyclists, dogs, and other Public Safety issues and we hear nothing from the so-called TA. All the TA leadership seems to do is schmooze the politicians and management.

  3. It would be extremely useful to see the TA report publicly each year the number of dues-paying members.

    • I agree completely. A yearly annual report that included audited and certified financials would also be a great start.

  4. Every other non-profit posts its financial statements right on its website. The TA does not do that.

  5. Looks like Susan is talking to her legal team before responding. I mean she needs to justify the TA membership increase!

  6. What, exactly, do the TA do, apart from shilling for certain politicians? They never succeed with their challenges to the MCIs; they do not address the serious quality of life problems here in PCVST; they have never gone up against an abusive landlord (the Roberts case was not brought by the TA); and, they were completely on board with the building of the “bunker” and didn’t give a damn about the tenants whose lives were disrupted by the noise and filth and environmental devastation while that excavation and construction was taking place. It seems to me that they are totally useless and simply a shell organization to shill for certain politicians who, I believe, pay them to do so.

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