Editorial: Time to rein in sales people and promo events in Flatiron

At Times Square, grabby costumed characters are finally being kept under control to some degree thanks to the addition of commercial activity zones where Elmo and Minnie can still hassle tourists for tips as well as new pedestrian flow zones where they cannot go and passersby are to be left alone.

However, Times Square is hardly the only neighborhood that’s been overrun by mercenary individuals. These days, Flatiron also comes pretty close, at least at the pedestrian plazas. If the weather’s nice, you can pretty much guarantee that any attempt to head over to Madison Square Park or one of the umbrella-shaded seats on the plaza will be impeded by people asking you about your hair, whether you like comedy or if you’d like to try a sample of something from a booth. Or all of the above. If it’s at least the latter case, this is because the city’s rented out part of the plaza to a company for promotional purposes. In the other cases, it’s because sales people love to stand in high-traffic areas so they can accost people on their lunch breaks.

While we respect everyone’s right to make a living, sometimes busy New Yorkers, and even tourists, just want to get by without being given the hard sell on something.

So, perhaps it’s time to cordon off parts of the plazas, too, so people can enjoy the open space in peace. Additionally, while we understand the corporate pop-up events make money for the city, they too are an intrusion and should be kept to a limit for the same reason.

If designated zones seem too draconian for Flatiron, we’re open to other suggestions on how to keep the plazas for their intended use.

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