Letters to the Editor, July 14

June23 Toon Everest

Time to do something about noise in Stuy Town

The following is an open letter to Stuyvesant Town management with regards to noise in the complex and following it is a response from Rick Hayduk, general manager. Both letters have been edited for length.

The violations of (city law on noise control) are as follows:

Beeping, powerful, motorized gas engine maintenance vehicles that are constantly travelling through the development.

The loud, echoing playground basketball courts (Playground #11) right beside the Avenue C Loop and several other buildings, and directly below apartment windows, that remains open daily from 9 a.m. until dusk, circus tented from November to April, which are absurd hours of usage and which is utilized by very few compared to the total number of 30,000 residents. Because there are basketball courts in Playground #9, the Playground #11 should be relegated to only volleyball courts, more of which can be added, and the current ping pong tables. PCV/ST is not a day camp, a boys/girls club, a country club, etc. It is meant to be a noiseless, unique community.

Loud, roaring leaf blowers, which create noises comparable to being in a construction zone.

Barking dogs, banging/flipping skateboarders, shouting residents in the late evenings or early mornings, and loud, noisy maintenance workers who have no regard for tenants’ quality of life.

Maintenance workers removing the garbage from in between the Avenue C Loop, in the morning hours, using loud, wheeled carts to transport the garbage to the waiting truck in the street, shouting while they do it, then loudly throwing the bottle filled bags onto the trucks. There needs to be different wheels on the carts and the workers advised to be quiet.

All the sounds, even conversations, travel up into the surrounding apartments. There should be an instituted policy, with rules, signs in the street and on the sidewalks, and written guidelines, including enforcement by security/NYPD, to eliminate undue noise nuisances. I have a home office and patrons visit my apartment on occasion. They expect a quiet environment and so do I.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.

Stuart J. Levinson, ST

Mr. Levinson,

I am in receipt of your e-mail and regrettably, many of the issues you highlight were addressed in our phone conversation held on Saturday, February 6 at 3:25 p.m. when you demanded that I close the tented basketball court immediately.

I think many are answered by what would legally be perceived as reasonable for an NYC multi-family environment. For example, dogs barking between the hours of 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. is not unreasonable nor against the law. In addition, there’s what would be perceived as historically accepted such as noise from playgrounds as these playgrounds have been in PCVST since the 1950s.

Again, consistent to what I said to you in February, we are replacing the maintenance carts with electric carts upon replacement, we will have all leaf blowers replaced with battery operated blowers (at 50 percent of the noise level) by the fall and we have been replacing the wheels on sanitation carts with softer, quieter tires. Our team is reminded daily to keep their voices down. And, much of the landscaping storage has been relocated but the office itself will remain where it is with some level of noise generated from normal activities.

I think the disconnect resides in your belief that PCVST should be a “noiseless” community.  We are an urban, multi-family dwelling shared by over 27,000 residents bordered by five extremely busy avenues in Manhattan. In addition, maintaining the 80 acres, whether it be sanitation, cleaning or horticulture is not a silent activity. Believing the community should be noiseless is unrealistic but know that StuyTown Property Services continues to reduce noise where possible for the betterment of the community.

With warm regards,

Rick Hayduk

Action needed against IRS scammers

The following letter was originally published as a comment on Town & Village’s blog in response to the letter, “My IRS scammer threatened to kidnap me,” Town & Village, July 7.

I too have had several calls from the so-called IRS. I do not answer calls that I do not recognize but each call has been more threatening.

Read about your recent call in T&V (Treasury dept. scammer threatens T&V editor with jail,” June 30).

I am for gun control; my car has to be registered and all guns should be registered and a person qualified to use it as one has to be to drive a vehicle. I see absolutely no need for automatic weapons that Congress is too timid to outlaw.

However if I got a threat like anonymous got, I would inform the caller that I was with the FBI and was waiting for them with my AK-47!

Really the FBI or police should go after these criminals calling us dainty little elderly ladies to scare us. And if they originate from out of the country, the CIA should go get ’em.

Kay Vota, ST

10 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, July 14

  1. I think Mr. Hayduk has sufficiently addressed noise issues.

    No community is noiseless. Besides, I would rather hear sports noises anytime as this indicates a healthy sports endeavor. As long as reasonable noises are kept between the hours as specified by the property manager who is doing an excellent job of keeping PCVST a very pleasant community.

    All the best,
    A longtime resident of ST

  2. I’ve been here for almost 40 years and, while Stuyvesant Town was never noiseless, it certainly was a lot quieter than it has been in recent years. I don’t live near the circus tent, but I’ve seen it and it is a total eyesore.
    The beeping carts, leaf blowers and the guys taking out the recyclables early in the morning can be very annoying. Probably the worst offenders are the noisy kids who come home in the early hours of the morning (especially on Friday and Saturday nights/mornings) and are clearly a bit intoxicated and bellow, bray, shriek and scream at the tops of their lungs. In the past we had kids walking through with big box radios, but Security would come and send them off the property (most of them lived off the property) and make them quiet down. Now, it’s the kids who live on the property that make so much disturbing noise and Public Safety is NEVER around. I realize we have a very much smaller security force than we ever did, and I think that is something that should be addressed.

  3. PS Mr. Hayuduk has adopted the typical flyover state denizen who comes to New York. “It’s New York, whaddya expect.”

  4. Unless you live where Mr Levinson at his level with respect to the sidewalk, how can anyone make a reasonable determination about the noise he hears? At least deserves the respect of being investigated. And yes, I’ve been here over 40 years and the noise has increased if not due solely to what Mr Levinson points out but also due to carpeting violations, partitioning, and over-crowding in the flex apartments. Not talking about an overall din that’s increased. It is more that there are more sources of noise than ever. So one source stops and another starts up.

  5. One of my neighbors started drilling last night, just after 10:30. Not a little screwdriver-type drill, but a very loud heavy duty, floor-vibrating, wall-shaking drill. I’d like to know if Rick Hayduk consider that acceptable because it was before 11 pm. Just. To me it was not acceptable.

  6. Haven’t seen any comments lately by David Chowes. I don’t always agree with him, but I hope he’s ok.

  7. Would like to add noise coming from the machine shop or whatever it is in 441 E20.
    Drilling, sawing, high-pitched machine tool grinding-polishing sounds, shouting smoking workers, circular saw wood burning smells, carts rumbling up and down the ramp starting at 7 AM.

  8. The drilling that Frances cited should be immediately reported to the 13th Precinct.

    If there is a criminal violation of the Noise Laws, this should be addressed to the police, not to the Public Safety Officers here in STPCV.

    Frances raises an extremely serious matter of drilling into the infrastructure of our housing complex. If this is taking place prior to 11 pm, then Frances should phone 311 or 911 and report it to the Authorities right away.

    • This same fool has also been known to start hammering BEFORE dawn and wake up the whole line! This isn’t a kid, it’s a long time tenant. Obviously a bit crazy or maybe just plain inconsiderate.

  9. Mr. Hayduk’s response to Mr. Levinson was a very succinct and smarmy “FU.” Nothing more, nothing less.

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