Pooch attacked by another dog in Stuy Town

July14 Siddharth and Lorca

Siddharth Dube and Lorca in Stuyvesant Town earlier this week (Photo by Sabina Mollot)


By Sabina Mollot

Just two weeks ago, Siddharth Dube didn’t know if his dog was going to survive the surgery he needed after being bitten by another dog. Dube’s dog, a Portuguese water dog, was nearly 14 years old and already had spinal problems, like inflamed discs, prior to being bitten on his upper leg, close to his back as he was being walked in Stuyvesant Town. But after the surgery and six days of recovery at the vet’s office, Dube was told his pet, Lorca, was stable, and could be taken home.

Fortunately, Lorca’s once again able to walk, and this week Dube told Town & Village he is hoping not just for the other dog owner to pay the vet bill, which totaled $6,500, but for Stuy Town management to start some sort of public database of dog bites. The database, he said, could include information like the breed of any dog that bites another.

According to Dube, he’d been walking Lorca on the morning of Monday, June 27 past 19/21 Stuyvesant Oval, when the dog stopped to relieve itself. At the same time another dog owner walked by, a young blonde woman who also had her baby with her in a carriage. “I smiled at her, she smiled at me,” Dube recalled. He was on the phone at the time but quickly turned around when he heard Lorca cry out in pain behind him. “He screamed in agony; it was the worst sound I ever heard,” said Dube.

This is when he saw the other dog, which he described as a brown puggle, biting his pooch, he said. He and the woman attempted to reel back their dogs on their leashes, but when the other dog wouldn’t budge, Dube said he kicked the dog once or twice. Eventually the other dog let go.

Then it was the other dog owner who started screaming, “You kicked my dog! You kicked my dog!” Dube said. “My dog is still screaming and I’m frantic and she’s bawling away.”

Dube said he didn’t ask for the woman’s name or number before heading home because since she had started to cry, he didn’t want to seem aggressive. He also said he didn’t realize at the time how bad Lorca’s injury was since he wasn’t bleeding that much. He soon brought him back home and Lorca seemed okay, eating and then being walked again later. It was only when Dube returned home at around 10 p.m. that evening after going out to dinner with friends when he saw Lorca looking completely lifeless. He promptly called his veterinarian who instructed him to bring in the dog right away.

“She found a deep puncture wound,” Dube said. “I was amazed since the dog wasn’t bleeding.” Then an operation was scheduled.

Following the ordeal, Dube said he thinks the dog that bit Lorca ought to be muzzled as should any dog that’s found to be aggressive.

As for Lorca, he called his own pet very gentle. “I don’t even take him to the dog run, because some dogs pick on old dogs,” he said.

At this time he’s waiting to hear back from the other owner, who, he learned on Monday from management, has been identified by the public safety department and informed that her pet caused another dog injury.

This was five days after he reached out to Stuy Town’s general manager, Rick Hayduk. Dube said he’d reached out to Hayduk after first reaching out to public safety and not hearing back after a week went by.

Dube, who recently moved back to Stuyvesant Town after a 10-year hiatus in the West Village as well as in his native India, said he appreciated the assistance from management and that it made him glad he’s back in the neighborhood.

“Stuyvesant Town is filled with lovely people,” said Dube, who works as a writer and consultant. That’s why we have been happy living here. It’s like the old New York that’s disappeared.”

A spokesperson for StuyTown Property Services, Paula Chirhart, declined to comment on the June 27 incident. However, as far as Dube’s suggestion for a dog bite database, Chirhart said management is always open to suggestions from residents on ways to improve the property.

8 thoughts on “Pooch attacked by another dog in Stuy Town

  1. BSL doesn’t work. It’s the owner who is reaponsible for this bite, not the dog. The sooner people realize this, the sooner we can prevent innocent lives from being taken. What exactly do you think happens to dogs who are put into databases? Do you think they go to doggie rehab or training? No, they are killed. Owners must be responsible and poorly behaved animals should be placed with more
    Responsible people — not put into a database to label them as dangerous when really the dog needs better leadership….

    I am sorry about Lorca, it sounds like you did what you needed to do to get him safe. I hope the other owner pays the bills and invests in training.. A dog like that likely shouldn’t be walked along a baby carriage– not because the dog could hurt the baby– but because a baby is a huge distraction and clearly this dog needs more supervision…

    Please be kind to animals.. They are not capable of premeditated acts of violence..

  2. Cha-ching. A young girl that resided in my building was bitten by a dog in the elevator. Her family has since moved.I ran into the father recently in Battery park City where they currently live and he told me he couldn’t speak about it due to an agreement he signed but did say they were paid quite handsomely to avoid a law suit.

  3. If those “security cameras” actually work, then the incident should have been captured on one of them. Unfortunately, I think they are only there for show and to “justify” an unjust MCI. My heart goes out to Lorca and his owner and I hope that Mr. Hayduk has the decency to respond to this horrible incident. Clearly the woman whose dog did the damage doesn’t care about the pain and suffering her dog inflicted on Lorca and his dad. She should be prosecuted.

  4. So far as I can see STPCV mgt has very little interest in enforcing most of its own rules. It’s just plain bad for business.

    • I think it should be aired far and wide that PCVST is a dangerous place to own a dog because “management” doesn’t care if it is mauled almost to death my another dog that belongs to an uncaring moron.
      I actually feel sorry for the baby of the woman whose dog mauled Lorca because growing up under the “care” of such a parent the kid doesn’t have a chance of developing a moral compass or sense of responsibility. That’s if it isn’t mauled by the damned dog before it gets a chance to grow up.

  5. Maybe dog owners should carry a repellent spray of some sort for in case they run into this woman and her nasty dog. I’m not talking about something that would cause serious pain or harm to the brute, but something that would prevent it from carrying out an attack if (and only if) it seemed apparent that it was going to attack.
    The worst thing they ever did to this place was to allow dogs to be kept on the property. It has caused no end of problems with dog crap and urine being all over the place, noise problems for people who have to listen to them howling and barking for hours and, now this, vicious almost deadly attacks. I don’t think Lorca is the first dog that has been attacked in Sty/PCV. I heard that a dog lost an eye when it was attacked by another dog.
    i know this problem was introduced by the mentally and ethically challenged Speyer, but it is now Blackstone’s responsibility to police the situation and stringently enforce the rules. They’re not just here to collect rent and let the property become place where people and dogs are not safe to live here.

  6. One more thing, in many states in this country (those where the NRA wields power) the errant dog would have been shot on the spot. I’m not in favor of that kind of policy, but the owners of vicious dogs should keep in mind that they are lucky they live in NY.

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