Greenmarket Spotlight Migliorelli Farm at Stuy Town

Tenzin Khechok at the Migiorelli Farms stand (Photo by Maya Rader)

Tenzin Khechok at the Migiorelli Farms stand (Photo by Maya Rader)

By Maya Rader

Tenzin Khechok has never been to the farm he works for. However, that doesn’t limit his passion for the vegetables and fruits he sells at markets all over the city for Migliorelli Farm. “I enjoy it every day,” Khechok said.

Migliorelli Farm is located in Dutchess County in Upstate New York. The farm sells a wide range of produce, from apples to corn, at many markets across the city, including Stuyvesant Town’s own greenmarket. The farm is not certified organic, though it does limit the use of pesticides and is GMO-free.

Khechok started working for Migliorelli Farm two years ago as a salesman and cashier at farmer’s markets. He said he “learns almost every day” by selling food at the markets. He explained that customers tell him what they know about different foods he sells, and then he imparts that knowledge to other customers. “You learn from each other,” commented Khechok.

Khechok works at many different markets each week, some of which are located in Staten Island or Upstate New York. “I get a chance to go to different places,” Khechok said.

Khechok said another benefit of his job is meeting so many new people. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, he said, “My favorite thing is everything.”

Everything, that is, except mornings. “That’s when you have to pick up stuff and set it up,” Khechok explained. He said he prefers interacting with the customers as opposed to setting up the produce.

However, the packing process is less arduous after the markets close because most of the food gets sold, so there is less to pack away. Khechok said that at some Migliorelli Farm markets, the leftover food is donated to City Harvest to feed the hungry.

Khechok’s family is originally from Tibet, but Khechok grew up in India. When Tibet came under Chinese rule, Khechok’s family was forced to leave and move to Northern India. Later, Khechok’s mother traveled from India to New York, and then Khechok followed.

Khechok said he wants to visit Migliorelli Farm, and see where the vegetables he sells every day are grown. He also wants to visit the farm because of his love of nature.

“I love nature and stuff like that because that’s where I grew up.” He said, “I haven’t got the chance yet, but I would love to.”

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