Leaked emails haven’t killed Clinton buzz at convention, Maloney says

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, pictured in Stuyvesant Town in June Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, pictured in Stuyvesant Town in June (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

On the chaos that erupted over the weekend prior to the Democratic National Convention over hacked emails that showed Hillary Clinton had been the party’s favored candidate, infuriating supporters of Bernie Sanders, a local delegate attempted to dismiss all that on Tuesday to T&V as “yesterday’s news.”

That delegate was Congress Member Carolyn Maloney, a staunch Clinton supporter who’s served as a surrogate during the campaign, and who, on Tuesday, had hoped the media would pay more attention to a food fight she’d organized at the DNC. It pinned Philly cheese steaks vs. New York cheese cakes as well as a few other delicacies claimed by each city as its own.

However, naturally, voters have been more focused on the ouster of the DNC’s chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a result of the hacked emails that were made public and the potential results of yet another e-mail-gate on Clinton’s attempt to become president.

Asked about the mood and atmosphere at the DNC, Maloney on Tuesday indicated it was unified and inspiring. She referred to a speech given by Sanders endorsing Clinton, recalling how he urged the delegation “to come together about electing a Democrat president.”

Maloney added, “Enough with the emails. Let’s talk about the issues.”

Though those words would likely have had little impact on the pro-Sanders protesters who were marching the streets outside the DNC, Maloney argued that the controversy had already been resolved with Wasserman Schultz’ stepping down.

“She’s resigned and we’re moving forward,” Maloney said. “We’re focused on issues important to the country. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Clinton and his goal is to elect her as president to defeat Donald Trump.”

Asked about a theory reportedly floated by the Clinton campaign that the emails were hacked by the Russian government in an attempt to get Trump elected, Maloney said she didn’t know enough about that to weigh in.

“I really, really do not know,” she said. “It’s hard for me to comment. I don’t want to charge a foreign government without any proof.”

She also praised First Lady Michelle Obama for her “brilliant” speech made on Monday evening.

“She was (even) quoted at the Republican Convention,” quipped Maloney, referring to the speech given by Melania Trump last week that was later found to have been plagiarized from an earlier speech by Obama. A Trump campaign staffer later took the blame for this, claiming she had carelessly lifted certain passages from Obama’s speech while writing Melania Trump’s. However, she insisted it was not intentional.

“She never mentioned (Donald Trump’s) name, but she gave an elegant speech saying the government has to understand issues are more than just 140 characters. Policies are more than tweets,” Maloney said.

Also at the DNC, a number of New York leaders were called to the stage to speak, although Maloney wasn’t among them.

“I’ve spoken at every other convention but not this one,” said Maloney, who, as a Congress member, was automatically seated as a delegate.

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