Meet Your Local Farmers: Acevedo Farm at ST Greenmarket

Alexis Acevedo mans the booth for the Goshen-based farm. (Photo by Maya Rader)

Alexis Acevedo mans the booth for the Goshen-based farm. (Photo by Maya Rader)

By Maya Rader

Acevedo Farm is the definition of a family farm. The entire operation is run by 16-year-old Alexis Acevedo, his brother, his sister, and their parents in Goshen, NY. Although the ten-acre produce farm is not organic, it doesn’t use pesticides (except on their corn). They opted not to become certified organic, like many other farmers at the Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket, because of the complex and bureaucratic process to get certification. “It takes up to ten years,” said Acevedo. Acevedo Farm sells many types of produce including peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and chard.

Before Acevedo was a farmer in Goshen, he lived in the nearby city of Middletown. When he was ten years old, he moved to Goshen, where his family started the farm.

Acevedo said one of his favorite parts of working on the farm is driving a tractor, which he has done since he was eleven.

“That’s the most fun thing to do on the farm,” said Acevedo.

He compared driving a tractor to driving a car except, instead of traveling on roads, Acevedo and his father use it to move land and make it suitable to be planted on by his brother and sister.

On the most challenging aspects of farm work, Acevedo said the current hot weather is definitely one. In winter, the cold weather isn’t as much of a problem since the farm has two greenhouses where farmers can plant the crops during that time.

Acevedo travels with some of his family members to markets at Tompkins Square, Morningside, Sugar Hill, the Bronx and Stuy Town’s own Greenmarket. Acevedo Farm joined the Stuy Town Greenmarket two years ago. Acevedo’s father knew a farmer in the Stuy Town market, who helped Acevedo Farm to join. Acevedo said he has to wake up at 5 a.m. to get to Stuyvesant Town on Sundays and starts setting up by 7. However, despite the early wake-up, Acevedo said he likes the markets since they are the only time he is able to get into the city.

Acevedo is available along with other members of his family at the Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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