Police Watch: Assault outside Stuy Town, Robbery in Union Square

Police arrested 44-year-old Maria Paris for assault in front of 423 East 14th Street on the Stuyvesant Town side of the street last Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Police said that Paris struck the victim in the face with an umbrella, causing pain and swelling to her right eye, as well as cuts on her nose. No further information about the dispute was available. The victim was taken to Beth Israel Hospital.

Police arrested 39-year-old Nassor Debique at the corner of Union Square East and East 14th Street last Friday after he allegedly, while wearing a police uniform, displayed a badge to a man who was in the park taking pictures.
Debique allegedly told the man that he was a police officer and that he should be paying people in order to take their pictures and that a permit was required for him to photograph in the area. Police said that Debique then forcibly grabbed the victim’s backpack, camera and book and he allegedly searched the victim’s backpack without consent.
The suspect allegedly swung at one of the officers who was attempting to handcuff him and police said that it took the assistance of other officers to place him under arrest. Debique was charged with robbery, impersonation of a police officer, resisting arrest and harassment.

Police arrested 38-year-old Nelson Delgado for petit larceny last Tuesday after a string of alleged thefts of sunglasses.
Police said that Delgado entered a LensCrafters at 150 Fifth Avenue and East 20th Street on July 25 and allegedly stole sunglasses from the shelves. Police said that he also took sunglasses from another LensCrafters location at 288 First Avenue in Suyvesant Town on July 17. He allegedly took six additional pairs of sunglasses from another LensCrafters location at an unspecified time.
Delgado was arrested after he allegedly attempted to steal property from Cohen’s Fashion Optical at 603 Sixth Avenue and 17th Street on Tuesday at 5:41 p.m. Police said that he fled the location and was detained in front of 157 West 18th Street. Delgado was also charged with possession of stolen property.

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Opinion: In praise of Jim Hayes

Epiphany principal James Hayes (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Epiphany principal James Hayes (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

In just a few short weeks the new school year begins. Kids will have new books, software and other educational tools. Some may have a new outfit to wear on the first day of school.

But what the students lucky enough to attend Epiphany will not have this year is Jim Hayes as their principal.

For nearly four decades Jim has been the heart and soul of one of the most successful grade schools in the city… parochial or public. Jim would undoubtedly attribute all the credit to his dedicated teachers, both secular and religious, and he would laud his students and their families, but much of the credit belongs to Jim.

You would see him standing outside the school building on 22nd Street near Second Avenue as the kids arrived each and every day, and then again at the end of the day when they departed. His watchful eye could always spot trouble before it occurred or notice one of his students in distress. Jim made sure that they arrived safely, prepared to learn, and left safely as well. He knew his students by name and most of their parents.

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