Letters to the Editor, Aug. 11

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Dog’s eye saved after other pooch attacked

How fortunate that Dr. Mann and his experienced team were on duty the afternoon of July 2, the Saturday of the long weekend. My little Maltese dog, Rudy, had a frightening encounter with a neighborhood greyhound who grabbed and shook him so fiercely that in an instant his right eye began swelling and coming out of the socket.

Since my two dogs were already patients of Dr. Mann, he performed skillful surgery on the eyelid to allow him to ease the eye back into the socket. His eyelid was stitched closed for three weeks to heal the eye and help with swelling after which the stitches were removed.

Because both of my dogs are registered pet therapy dogs, making weekly patient visits to NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and two Memorial Sloan Kettering facilities, they have complimentary annual eye exams at the Animal Medical Center. Rudy will have a followup exam there this month to assess his vision in the injured eye.

The benefits of Whole Health Veterinary aside from its location are many. And best of all Dr. Mann lives in the neighborhood, and he and his staff will make house calls… something that Rudy benefitted from the morning after surgery.

Christy Brown, PCV

Residents should be proud of squirrels

I’ve lived in Stuy Town for over 40 years and have fed squirrels and never have been bitten. My grandchildren feed the squirrels (as children love the squirrels and birds) and have never been bitten. I do not know of any child bitten by a squirrel in Stuy Town and think the article written in T&V about squirrels biting children is a fallacy (“Are Stuy Town’s squirrels getting more aggressive?”, July 14).

The black squirrels (rarely seen in New York) live in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper – so we should be proud and accept them.

Squirrels have a high mortality rate – many are run over by cars crossing the roads and falling from trees.

Today the world has so many problems, why don’t people focus on this and not complaining about the squirrels? We live in a beautiful community (one of the most desirable in the city) so let’s enjoy our wildlife and trees instead of always complaining about squirrels, birds and dogs.

Let us stop always complaining and enjoy each day for just being alive to enjoy another day.

Marietta Hawkes, ST

Don’t feed the wildlife

Re: Recent letters about squirrels in Town & Village

The ongoing debate has taken on bizarre proportions.

The fact is that ST-PCV management is the source of the information re: the squirrel incident. They sent out an e-mail about it to tenants in May.

Feeding the squirrels is a bad idea. They are wild, if cute animals. The habitat here would support the population with no help from humans. In the wild, it is always a bad idea to feed wildlife.

In this case, cute as they are, they are rodents capable of spreading a number of harmful diseases including rabies. In addition, the leftover food supports an unwanted vermin population. That is a health hazard from any perspective. So if you love the animals and your fellow residents, stop feeding them. Enjoy looking at them, but teach your children realistically about animal life. Then both parents and their children can grow up.

Joseph Krist, PCV

A response to some squirrely letters

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in defense of the much maligned Sabina Mollot. In the July 28th edition of T&V there were three letters from readers who were obviously outraged by a letter written the preceding week by Mr. William Kelly titled “Bushy tailed beasts have taken over.”

The first letter from Al Salame deplored your “hate filled” article (“Are Stuy Town’s squirrels getting more aggressive?”, T&V, July 14).

Aside from defending the animal kingdom as it exists in PCV/ST, he veered off to accuse the animal haters of starting some rumor about Spanish speaking people breaking into apartments. Quite a bit off the subject. He continues later in the letter to say that he has been the subject of hate speech as he feeds the squirrels. I think Mr. Salame has other battles to fight that have little to do with squirrels.

The second letter from Jason Cohen is titled “T&V story was a squirrel slander.”

I don’t think it is legally possible to slander a squirrel.  He then goes on to question Ms. Mollot’s ethics for not having a footnote saying all comments were not substantiated by real facts (as opposed to false facts) and medical records. Shame on you, Sabina! He also goes on to say that everything printed was based on “impartial lies by a few.”  I’m still trying to figure out what was meant by that turn of phrase.

Last letter was from Lenore Munzig. While the bulk of her letter was true, that squirrels’ aggressive behavior comes from familiarity with humans feeding them, she starts out berating Mr. Kelly for his cruel and disgusting and shameful solution.  Apparently, the not so veiled reference to Johnathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” went sailing right by Ms. Munzig.

Clearly all three of these letter writers want to “shoot the messenger.” That’s not what the press is all about. Just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts. I will however give all three of them credit for signing their letters.

Judith Swearingen, ST


8 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Aug. 11

  1. Does Christy Brown have Dr. Mann’s contact info? I have a cat and I’m looking for a vet. I live in ST and I have a cat.

      • I would not recommend them. Here is the Facebook quote from a tenant that had some issues with the practice. Based on the replies, it seems like she was not the only one…

        “I feel very apprehensive about posting this but I think it needs to be done. We recently were told by Whole Health Vet that our dog had a number of very serious joint issues. Because someone mentioned a couple of dogs being “over diagnosed,” went to our regular vet for a more complete diagnosis (Xrays m/sedation manipulation etc). We were cleared of 2/3 conditions. WHV had recommended extremely expensive and painful treatment. I share this with the intent to inform others not to disparage a local business.”

        • Hello Steve,

          First I was thrilled to see this as Rudy’s vision was saved which is great news! Secondly I was surprised to see Steve’s response. Not sure who he is referring too. I don’t know what joint issues would cause a painful treatment to be recommended (I don’t think we would ever recommend a painful treatment) and would love to figure out any misunderstanding so we can respond.

          Either way, we are excited to be a part of the neighborhood and we are thrilled with the pets we have helped! We hope to be here a long time!

          Dr Timothy Mann
          212 674 0111

  2. Mr. Krist, I don’t think that PCVST Management was the source of the reports on “squirrel incidents.” i believe some people posted on the TA fb page and then someone notified Management, who put an advisory in the monthly blurb that goes in the rent bills.

    People who feed the squirrels by hand are asking for trouble because squirrels don’t have great eyesight and the see the nut in someone’s hand and go for it. Their sharp little teeth will most likely scrape the skin on the person’s hand, but that doesn’t mean the squirrel intentionally bit the person. If you’re going to feed the squirrels, the best way is to toss a nut in their direction and let the critter run after it. I know some people feed them by hand and I think they are not doing themselves or the critters any favors by encouraging that kind of up-close-and-personal relationship!

  3. I heard there were no actual reports of anyone being bitten. Someone said they heard that someone else said that someone had been bitten by a squirrel.

    However, it turned out to be a big nothing, and a distraction from the fact that the Tenants Association has been running a “private fund” out of its STPCV Tenants Association Foundation.

    • I applaud your tenacity but I am sure you will never get a valid answer to your questions of the TA. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Dan Garodnick and management.

      • Thank you, John:

        Some of the elected officials should look into the finances of the Tenants Association. I have been reading that they are taking in government money into a “private Foundation” and then spending it on whatever they want.

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