Residents get warning after Stuy Town package thefts

By Sabina Mollot

StuyTown Property Services is warning residents to be mindful after a few “isolated incidents” of packages being rifled through and going missing from building hallways.

The warning came via an emailed newsletter on Saturday, and went on to say management is reviewing surveillance footage from the affected areas and security is beefing up patrols at those addresses.

The chief of Stuy Town’s public safety department, William McClellan, said, “We would like to take this time to remind residents to not let anyone into the building that isn’t known to them personally. This is an easy way for non-residents to gain access to our buildings and potentially compromise the building’s security. It may seem impolite but it is an important matter of safety.”

He also asked that tenants report any suspicious behavior by calling (212) 598-5233.

Last October, T&V reported that a man was arrested after being spotted by an eagle-eyed resident, as he loitered by the mailboxes in her Peter Cooper building. The suspect, Jose Gonzalez, was allegedly found with packages delivered to several tenants in the building. He’d gotten inside by following a resident.

Susan Steinberg, president of the Tenants Association, said this week while the problem of mail and packages being left out in building lobbies hasn’t subsided completely, there has been a significant improvement from when, for some time, boxes were left to pile up.

However, she added, her own building may have also been the site of a package theft.

Around a week ago, she’d spotted a note put up by a neighbor asking if anyone had accidentally taken her package and if so, to return it to her.

Asked for comment, a spokesperson for management didn’t elaborate on what occurred in the recent incidents, other than to reiterate that it only happened a few times.

5 thoughts on “Residents get warning after Stuy Town package thefts

  1. FedEx continues to dump my packages in the lobby where anyone can walk off with them. Often times with me sitting in my apartment waiting on said delivery that is usually too heavy for me to carry upstairs anyway.

    • Aztin, when you order something tell the company’s customer service people that you want them to send a notation to FedEx that the package must be delivered to your door. Then go online and track it (if you ordered it online). So far, this has worked for me, but I find UPS to be much, much better than FedEx when it comes to delivering to the apartment door.

        • They shouldn’t, but they do unless you make a point of letting them know. I just had two heavy deliveries (vacuum cleaners) from FedEx about half an hour ago and they were delivered to my door.

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