Teen arrested for violently mugging woman on Asser Levy Place

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

A teenage girl was arrested for mugging a woman at the corner of East 25th Street and Asser Levy Place on Sunday night, police said.

The victim told police that three or four girls approached her from behind, pulled her to the ground by her hair and punched her as they stole her cell phone and wallet, which contained the victim’s credit cards. Police saw the incident and approached the girls immediately following the mugging, causing the teen with the wallet to drop it while they all attempted to flee.

The teen who was arrested was caught in front of 421 First Avenue at 10:39 p.m. and was charged with robbery and theft. Her name is being withheld due to her young age. None of the other girls were arrested.

Police said the teen admitted that she and her friends had planned to rob someone and also confirmed that the wallet belonged to the woman who was robbed.

The victim had a bruise on the left side of her neck and complained of pain in her neck and head, but she refused medical assistance at the scene.


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