Tenants tell tourists: Take your picnic somewhere else

By Sabina Mollot

Last Friday, after word got out about an article suggesting places to visit in New York included a mention of Stuyvesant Town as “a secret picnic location,” a handful of residents reached out to demand — successfully — that the information be removed from the online story.

By Monday morning, the mention of the private property was gone, with Chelsea Waterside Park instead mentioned as a quiet place for tourists to have a picnic in the online article by the UK Evening-Standard.

Susan Steinberg, president of the ST-PCV Tenants Association, later said that she was one of the residents to ask for the removal of the information by contacting the editor. A few others had made a similar request.

“It seems a lot of people are calling our Oval a public park,” said Steinberg. She noted how the article had mentioned there were few spots downtown to set down a picnic with food bought at the Union Square Greenmarket, so she argued that that’s simply untrue.

“By the greenmarket, there’s a park,” said Steinberg. “There’s Madison Square Park. There’s Tompkins Square Park, all of which are public while we are private.”

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