Letters to the Editor, Aug. 25

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

T&V letter could give sick people ideas

Dear Ms. Mollot,

In response to your July 21 issue letter to the editor regarding squirrels (“Bushy tailed beasts have taken over” by William Kelly), and with all due respect to freedom of speech, I can’t believe you printed this letter. I’m hoping he had nothing better to do and was just kidding, although it wasn’t such a funny letter if so.

To put such vicious actions into the minds of our children — and yes even adults — living in and enjoying our beautiful oasis is insane.

First of all there are strict rules on the books in New York City regarding animal cruelty — with serious fines and jail consequences.

But, additionally, can you visualize children, teens and adults walking around with bats and killing these living creatures on our property?

I’m sending a copy of Mr. Kelly’s letter to: the mayor, the ASPCA, Bideawee and the Humane Society of the USA in Washington, DC. I am sure that the 13th Precinct is already aware of this. In short, Mr. Kelly needs to be watched very carefully and taken very seriously!

I am an original tenant (December, 1947) and enjoy the diversification of age groups from infants to 103-year-olds. I treasure our beautiful property, our outstanding landscaping, our 12 playgrounds for our young people, pre-K to high school. I enjoy our diversified wildlife: squirrels, birds of many varieties and even our falcons and red-tailed hawks. We are even visited by owls, geese (migrating) seasonally.

Perhaps Mr. Kelly needs to move, as he doesn’t enjoy and/or appreciate our diamond in tar city.

I was quite concerned that your publication did not have a footnote that his comments did not necessarily reflect those of your publication.

I am interested in our general manager, Rick Hayduk’s, response to Mr. Kelly’s letter and how are our public safety officers going to watch and respond to these possible actions of violence.

L. Hall, ST

Editor’s note: William Kelly’s letter was written in jest, so we didn’t think a footnote saying we are against cruelty towards animals was necessary. However, if anyone does decide harming the community’s wildlife is a good idea, we recommend arrest and eviction as an appropriate response. And, having the perps’ personal phone numbers shared with the community’s squirrel lovers, who, as we’ve learned this summer since running the story “Are Stuy Town’s squirrels getting more aggressive?” on July 14, to which Kelly’s letter was responding, are not ones to suffer in silence.

Stuy Town squirrels are a delight

Have been a resident in Stuy Town for eight years and have enjoyed having the squirrels and birds around Stuy Town. They put a smile on my face when I see them. They make me forget about the noise, the dirt of this city. I have fed them for four years and have never been attacked by a squirrel.

Ray Vessio, ST

Noise from playground tent is intrusive

Just wanted to say I appreciate your paper for keeping the residents of Stuy Town/Peter Cooper informed about local news.

I’m writing to echo a noise complaint letter in your July 14 edition. Specifically the seasonal indoor tented basketball court from which emanates a cacophony of unpleasant screaming by the basketball players.

My bedroom window faces the tent/court and the constant screaming is a source of frustration to me and everyone I’ve spoken to in my building who happens to face the court.

When voicing a complaint to security or speaking to the attendants in the facility, nothing is done. They simply point to a decibel meter, which is ineffective for brief screaming.

With an indoor basketball court close by at the YMCA on 14th Street is it necessary to subject residents to this irritating noise for the benefit of a very few?

I’ve considered starting a petition to stop the seasonal tent from being erected.

Name withheld, ST

Note: A decision was announced last Wednesday by StuyTown Property Services not to reopen the sports tent.

Crowded out of PCV fountain area

Re: “Tenants tell tourists: Take your picnic somewhere else,” T&V, Aug. 11

While I never saw the article T&V referred to (in the UK Evening-Standard), I will say that it’s practically become an impossibility to sit in Peter Cooper Village where the water spout a.k.a. the fountain is. This seating area has been taken over by the staff of Bellevue Hospital. It’s frustrating!

Marcia Robinson, PCV

Herd mentality behind Clinton support

Re: Politics & Tidbits column, “The Good, the Bad and the Perfect,” June 2 and letter, “Bernie still pretending to be a candidate,” June 30 by Anna Theofilopoulous

To the Editor:

Mr. Steven Sanders and Ms. Anna Theofilopoulous took issue with my critical comments about Hillary Clinton. Not knowing me, Mr. Sanders gave it out to his audience that I wrote what I wrote about Hillary Clinton because I am unable to “turn off my passion [for Senator Sanders] and concede defeat.”

Ms. Theofilopoulous’ letter was a tit-for-tat supported by free-floating irritation toward the senator’s pretense and my after-the-fact criticism. Both Mr. Sanders and Ms. Theofilopolous are of the view that the contest between Clinton and the senator is over; he lost. Now get over it! Criticism of Mrs. Clinton only serves to support Donald Trump.

I grant, that is the look of the thing, but is that it? Do our self-defined transient practicalities and our momentary concerns about how others will vote over-ride our responsibility as citizens to the always present First Amendment?

My historical comments about Senator Clinton’s vote on Iraq and her brazen, “If I knew then what I know now, I would not have voted to give the president permission to invade,” are matters on which citizens have no business being silent nor countering with, “It is time to turn off passion,” and “Well… she admitted her mistake…” and “Your guy was not so good on the gun issue.” Mrs. Clinton’s herd-vote and her inconceivable claim that we did not know about the ground in Iraq demonstrate her guile and honed insight into what she may say to us without engendering revulsion.

John M. Giannone, ST

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