Stuy Town flea market will return on October 1

Oct9 flea market

Stuyvesant Town’s flea market

By Sabina Mollot

In May, Stuyvesant Town general manager Rick Hayduk said the community’s flea market, last held over a decade ago, would return, though in a much more limited fashion out of fear of bedbugs.

Then on Thursday, management announced that a date had been set — Saturday, October 1, though there won’t be a rain date due to the Jewish holidays throughout the month. The event will run from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Residents were told, via email, that if they want to participate as a vendor, the first 450 residents who apply by emailing will be notified of the details.

Those who do will be responsible for bringing their own tables and chairs and no non-resident vendors or professional dealers will be considered.

Vendors must inform StuyTown Property Services ahead of time of what they intend to sell, and risk getting their operation shut down if the items for sale don’t match those on the previously approved list. Vendor tables might even be inspected for bedbugs.

Items that are off limits to sell range from the obvious: weapons, drugs, automobiles and pornography to those aimed at preventing the spread of bedbugs like: mattresses, large pieces of furniture, any upholstered furniture (couches, headboards, chairs, cribs, etc.) or fabric wall hangings. Clothing is also not allowed nor is luggage or other types of bags including purses, backpacks and messenger bags.

Business services are also not allowed to be hawked, just household and other items.

Hayduk had warned previously, at a public meeting, that while he wasn’t completely opposed to bringing back the flea market, he was concerned the new rules would mean the only thing left tenants could sell would be a painting of dogs playing poker.

However, even with the much stricter rules, the news came as music to the ears of Dolores Dolan, the resident who first pitched the idea of a flea market in Stuy Town over 45 years ago.

“That’s exciting,” Dolan told Town & Village. “It’s a big deal for them to do but they should do it.”

Asked if she intended to set up a table herself, Dolan said she probably would.

“Maybe it’s time for me to get rid of some of my stuff. That’s the idea and hopefully other people have an interest, but it’s also a social thing, particularly when the weather’s nice.”

Another resident, Council Member Dan Garodick, also cheered the market’s return.

“Happy to welcome back one of the best traditions of my childhood,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity to see your neighbors, sell some stuff, and then walk home with everyone else’s castoffs.”

Meanwhile, in other welcome neighborhood comebacks, Ess-a-Bagel’s owners have said the Stuyvesant Town store opening will happen next week.

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