Letters to the Editor, Sept. 8

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Farewell, fabulous Sigfrido’s customers

Dear Ms. Mollot,

On Thursday, August 11, 2016, there was a story about me, Andy Evangelista, and the barbershop about my retirement in the Town & Village. I would like to express my feelings for my loyal customers, if it’s possible.

I must say it was an extremely pleasurable place to work in this great community. In the 48 years in my shop each and every customer became like a family member. It was a great joy to see these young children growing up and bringing their own children to the barbershop later on. Over the years there was so much love and devotion. I took major pride to be there and give my best service to each and every one who came into my shop and the results were great, everyone went out looking great and happy.

My brother Sigfrido and his brother-in-law, Nunzio bought the barbershop in 1961. A few years later they split the business and Sigfrido was the sole owner. My brother Bruno went to work there in 1967 and I in 1968. I was 19 years old. Sigfrido retired in 1998 and Bruno and I bought the shop and became partners. Due to health issues, Bruno retired about seven years ago and I became a sole owner of Sigfrido’s.

I feel confident that the new owners, Ruben and Sam, will continue to do the same great workmanship as it was done in Sigfrido’s the last 55 years. I wish them lots of luck and success. It was sad to leave because after 48 years in the shop, I built a great relationship with the customers and their continuation has been loyal to me.

I was moved by the outcome of all my customers coming to the shop to wish me well in my retirement. They were sad to see me go but on the other hand they said I deserved to have a new life and were very happy for me. I would like to thank each and every one for their loyalty, support and friendship throughout the years. I have pictures with most of my customers and I will treasure them forever. My last customer was a 4-year-old boy, Avi, son of Dr. Deepali and the mother, Saurabh, was also present. Beautiful family. Thank you every one.

Andy Evangelista

Good riddance to sports tent

Re: “Stuy Town’s sports tent won’t return next year,” T&V, Aug. 25

To the Editor,

I was relieved to hear that the tented basketball courts would not be reopened during the winter months. It was a prudent decision on the part of management. I have to pass by this area frequently, and during the cold months I would hear the roaring and screaming emanating from there. It certainly had an impact on the quality of life of many people.

Your article states that management will partner with PSLL on an alternate practice location. I sincerely hope that they don’t have in mind any of the other playgrounds or open spaces within Stuyvesant Town or Peter Cooper Village. That would just subject other people living in the complex to the same type of noise.

Lore Sanger, ST

How’s this for a community mascot?

sept1-plush-squirrelNot knowing what is going on with squirrels, I wanted to share with you my latest acquisition. I am currently in Pinehurst, NC playing golf and needed a new cover for my driver. Luckily I was blessed to have found a squirrel cover.

Should anyone be concerned, he is not real. However, like the squirrels in Stuy Town that I have never had any trouble with, my new driver cover is precious.

Now a lot of letters have been written about squirrels to Town & Village. One of the joys of living in the community would be the different kinds of squirrels and birds. The letters to the editor have been confusing to me. I do not know if some are serious or in jest. I know not if squirrels are becoming too aggressive or people just think they are.

My philosophy is to live and let live, support the animals’ rights to live in our neighborhood, along with the humans and feel blessed to live in a neighborhood that shares its turf in Manhattan.

Kay Vota, ST

When a phantom uses your address

Dear readers,

I have been a resident of Stuy Town since 1971 and I have lived in my present apartment for 27 years. Recently mail started coming to my address and apartment number for a person unknown to me. This included mail from a local politician, from a store to their card holders, etc., all to the same name. Naturally, I kept sending the mail back. Last week however when I received notification of my polling place for September and November, there was a notification of voting place for this person also. My address and apartment number had been used to build a false identity for voter registration.

Fellow residents, to help ensure an honest election, I would urge you to check your polling notifications and notify the Board of Elections and our local elected representatives about mail arriving at your addresses for any non-existent residents.

Name withheld, ST

One thought on “Letters to the Editor, Sept. 8

  1. Re: Sigfredo’s

    Yes, I have used this fabulous barber shop for all the many years ever since I moved to PCV four decades ago. Yes they were family. And always had a range of quality magazines to read either when waiting for the call and while the surgical procedure was being performed.on my hair.

    If I didn’t finish the articles in the periodical … I would always be allowed to bring the magazine to my home and return it when I came back for another haircut.

    And, the music … either WQXR or Sinatra. All for $15 … what more could be asked for?

    Enjoy many years on the island (Staten).

    –The guy with the mustache.

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