T&V’s search for the best burgers: The Tribeca Burger at New York Burger Co.


By Sabina Mollot

Town & Village will present a series of reviews of burgers available at local restaurants. While there’s certainly no shortage of places that serve this American staple, the question is simply where to get the most bang for your (typically) eight to sixteen bucks.

For our first installment, we headed to the Flatiron location of New York Burger Co. (There’s another spot at 470 West 23rd Street in Chelsea.) The place has a menu with 12 specialty burgers and we quickly honed in on the Tribeca — an angus beef patty with bacon, avocado and bleu cheese. We asked for ours medium rare and are pleased to say they got it just right. Their burgers are not that big, but unless you’re really hungry you won’t even need fries (which are extra) due to all the filling accompaniments. This burger is one of the priciest on the menu at $10.50. Prices start at $7.50 for plain burgers.

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Meet Your Greenmarket Farmers: Samascott Orchards at Stuyvesant Town

Lucas Samascott at his family farm’s booth (Photo by Maya Rader)

Lucas Samascott at his family farm’s booth (Photo by Maya Rader)

By Maya Rader

On the day of the Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket, Lucas Samascott wakes up at “only 4 o’clock,” as he said. On other days, he wakes up at 3 a.m. Samascott works for Samascott Orchards, a farm started by his grandfather in Fulton County, New York.

Samascott Orchards sells many kinds of produce, but mainly apples, growing over 100 different varieties.

Samascott’s job on the farm is centered around selling at farmer’s markets. When he isn’t running a stand, he’s loading trucks and gathering food to bring to the markets. Samascott Orchards has stands at Union Square, Columbia University, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Inwood Hill and 82nd Street markets. The farm has also been at the Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket ever since it first opened.

Samascott Orchards is not certified organic, but according to Samascott, though the farm uses pesticides, organic isn’t always better. He noted that some of the big organic companies whose products are found in the supermarket use what are known as organic pesticides.

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