T&V’s search for the best burgers: The Tribeca Burger at New York Burger Co.


By Sabina Mollot

Town & Village will present a series of reviews of burgers available at local restaurants. While there’s certainly no shortage of places that serve this American staple, the question is simply where to get the most bang for your (typically) eight to sixteen bucks.

For our first installment, we headed to the Flatiron location of New York Burger Co. (There’s another spot at 470 West 23rd Street in Chelsea.) The place has a menu with 12 specialty burgers and we quickly honed in on the Tribeca — an angus beef patty with bacon, avocado and bleu cheese. We asked for ours medium rare and are pleased to say they got it just right. Their burgers are not that big, but unless you’re really hungry you won’t even need fries (which are extra) due to all the filling accompaniments. This burger is one of the priciest on the menu at $10.50. Prices start at $7.50 for plain burgers.

The meat is tender and not that seasoned that we could tell. Our only complaint was that there was hardly any bleu cheese. Had there been just a bit more, we probably wouldn’t have even needed to get up and stroll over to the pickle and sauce bar. The DIY condiment station is pretty impressive though with a bunch of different sauces and toppings like red onions and pickles available at no upcharge. We stuck with ketchup but took note of the sauces, since they looked intriguing. Options include chili ketchup, basil pesto, chipotle honey, creamy horseradish and thousand island.

Bottom line, we’d go back, though like any Flatiron joint that serves burgers, as a competitor to the Shake Shack, lines can get long. Knowing this, we got there early, around 11:45 a.m., and in less than five minutes, the buzzer we’d been handed by the cashier told us it was time to pick up lunch at the counter.

Atmosphere-wise, it’s a fast food joint but dimly lit with a few high tables, making it a little feel less so.

New York Burger Co., 678 Sixth Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets, 212-229-1401, newyorkburgerco.com

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