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sept15-burgerThe Schnipper’s Classic at Schnipper’s

By Sabina Mollot

Town & Village presents a series of reviews of burgers available at local restaurants. While there’s certainly no shortage of places that serve this American staple, the question is simply where to get the most bang for your (typically) eight to sixteen bucks. In related news, September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day.

For this review, we headed to Schnipper’s, a place that prides itself on its comfort food, and burgers are just part, albeit a large part, of the menu. Of a dozen burger options to choose from, we picked the Schnipper’s Classic ($9).

There was literally nothing not to like about this burger from the juicy beef to the signature Schnipper Sauce to the sog-defying potato bun. This variety comes with a melted cheese blend, bacon, crispy onions and arugula (a surprisingly perfect complement to the slightly sweet onions). As for the aforementioned Schnipper Sauce, it’s made from vegan mayo, mustard and garlic. You won’t want ketchup or anything else marring this well thought out combination. After finishing we weren’t hungry for sides but because the list looked so tempting another lunch option could be to go with the “Little Schnip,” a 3 oz. burger available in three varieties ($5) and pair it with one of the sides like the kale and cabbage coleslaw or the sloppy fries (topped with sloppy joe and cheese).

Schnipper’s is a cavernous fast food place with seating room for at least 80. If dining in, your odds of finding a seat aren’t too bad, especially if you don’t mind sitting on a stool alongside the kitchen. We went at lunchtime and actually snagged a small table up front where there’s also a cooler of complimentary ice water and plastic cups. You can also order beer or wine. If you can’t leave work or home though, Schnipper’s does have online delivery that enables users to customize their burgers.

The most local location of Schnipper’s (out of a small chain of five in Manhattan), is located at 23 East 23rd Street and Madison Avenue, currently obscured by a block-long scaffolding. Call (212) 233-1025 or visit schnippers.com.

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