Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

An alternative to fines for dog piles

The following letter was originally published as a comment on Town & Village Blog in response to the letter, “Sidewalks (better) get a lot clearer,” T&V, Sept. 22.

If people pick up after their animals (and by the way, they should also use water from a bottle to wash away remnants) what is the problem? People should take responsibility for their actions without everything being put into law. Fines never work.

Let’s try something new that would also affect people who are too busy making $$$, or too busy reading their (not so) smartphones: community service cleaning up poop and other messes throughout the city. Rather than paying fines, the inconvenience to their selfish lifestyle may have them reconsider having an animal in the first place.

And as long as I’m adding my voice about public nuisances, how about parents who don’t control their children, riding bikes on sidewalks, running too close to the elderly, etc. Perhaps the equivalent of a leash law for children could help the quality of life for those who don’t have children or those with children who raise theirs to show respect as opposed to those who use excuses like the “kids are entitled” or “they’re just children” when all they are really doing is shirking their responsibilities. It’s the same as those who don’t clean up after their non-human children.

And while I’m addressing public nuisances, let’s have our elected officials protect everyone’s health by having bikes with assisted motors (i.e. motorbikes) and Citibikes (an advertisement for CitiBank and hence a commercial vehicle) be required to have license plates that can be tracked for violations and ticketed the same as car drivers? The onslaught of reckless under-reported infractions only serves those pushing for bike-friendly use, without the responsibilities that come along with the new privileges.

Tom Nonnon, ST

The beauty of the burger

We see that you are undertaking an area hamburger survey during the next few weeks. Fun! Recently we had our own family hamburger celebration which produced, among other things, the following poem.

Irmgard and Anthony Taylor, ST

Ode to the Hamburger  
By James Brueckel ,  16
Mayo I tell you a tale
Of a food that’s best, without fail
Lettuce rejoice in the burger
That inspires such literary fervor
From the diner to McDonald’s and Burger King
A burger is more than just a thing
To be eaten; it’s a gift to be savored
No matter where or how it is flavored
A big juicy hamburger patty
Could cure anyone of being bratty
If a delicious meal is what you desire,
Of a good hamburger,  you will never tire
Toppings like onion, ketchup, tomato
You can find them anyplace you may go
But nowhere are they more fun
Than between two fresh hamburger buns
Now it is abundantly clear
From a burger you have nothing to fear
Unless on this auspicious occasion
You are of the veggie persuasion.

No publicity, please… except in T&V

Re: “Men’s group talks things over in PCV,” The Soapbox column, T&V, Sept. 22

To the Editor:

I could not understand why a group of seven men who meet privately and “schmooze” twice a month sought to publicize their group, which does not seek to admit any additional members, by writing a Soapbox column and posing for a photograph.

The author of the column states that the group received an offer from a “prominent New York television channel… to film one of their meetings” but had “turned down the offer” because “publicity was not what they were about.” So why The Soapbox?

John Cappelletti ST

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