Beer thief arrested for assaulting pregnant woman at 7-Eleven

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police busted a 39-year-old man for robbery at a Third Avenue convenience store on Saturday after he allegedly assaulted two employees, one of whom was eight months pregnant, who attempted to stop him from stealing beer from the store.

William Wright reportedly tried to leave the 7-Eleven at 395 Third Avenue around 4:20 p.m. without paying for three beers that he had concealed in his bag. When he attempted to leave, two of the store’s employees demanded that he return the merchandise.

One of the employees said that Wright took one of the beers out and put it back on the shelf but kept the other two, and she asked him to return the rest of the beers that were in his bag. He allegedly refused and again attempted to leave the store without paying.

The two employees attempted to barricade the door so that Wright couldn’t leave. One of the employees said that she stood outside the store and the other employee, who was pregnant, blocked the door from the inside. Wright allegedly grabbed and twisted the wrist of the employee who was inside the store and elbowed her in the stomach, causing her substantial pain.

The employee who was outside the store also sustained injuries, specifically pain and bruising to her arm, leg and back while securing the door that Wright was allegedly punching and attempting to push through.

Police recovered Wright’s bag at the scene, which had the two beers still inside.

Wright’s attorney declined to comment on the case.

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