Swastikas scratched into door at Hoylman’s building


Photo taken by State Senator Brad Hoylman of a swastika found at his building


By Sabina Mollot

Only days after dorm rooms at the New School were defaced with swastikas, the Nazi symbol was carved into a door at a West Village building where State Senator Brad Hoylman lives.

Two swastikas were discovered by one of Hoylman’s neighbors on the second floor of the building on Tuesday.

Hoylman is gay and has a Jewish husband and daughter. He also has plans to convert to Judaism. However, he doesn’t believe the swastikas were directed at him, since they were on the elevator door on a floor he doesn’t live on. They’ve since been sanded down and removed.

The building does have surveillance cameras, which Hoylman said he hopes will help catch the perpetrator. The incident is being investigated by police and Mayor Bill de Blasio has also taken notice. After seeing Hoylman post on Twitter about the incident, de Blasio responded to say the city had no tolerance for anti-Semitic acts.

“@bradhoylman, millions of New Yorkers stand with you tonight against anti-Semitism. Hate has no place in our city #notinourcity,” he tweeted.



State Senator Brad Hoylman (photo by Sabina Mollot)


Meanwhile, Hoylman – who recently drafted a report on hate crime — said this is hardly an isolated incident following the presidential election.

“Since last Tuesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported 400 hate crimes around the country,” said the senator. “Our neighborhood is not immune to that.”

Hoylman, a Democrat who recently easily won reelection of his Senate seat, said the incident made him all the more concerned about President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Stephen Bannon, former Breitbart News chairman, as his chief strategist.

“I think we have to recognize the political environment is such that Trump’s election may have unleashed a lot of bigotry in our society,” Hoylman said.

“I’m very concerned,” Hoylman added, noting the backlash Bannon’s appointment has received hasn’t prompted Trump to change his mind. “He hasn’t budged on him. Trump has not disavowed in a comprehensive fashion the acts of hate violence around the country and his appointment of Bannon remains in place.”

Hoylman hasn’t been silent about that matter on social media, either.

In the tweet about the swastika sighting, he wrote, “Swastika in my apartment building this evening in Greenwich Village. Anti-Semite named to #Trump White House post. Connect the dots.”

He also posted a link to a recent news story about three buildings with “Trump” in their names that will soon only be referred to by their street addresses.

“Yay — soon to be 3 fewer Trump buildings in my district,” he wrote.

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