HS students: Trump is scary, Clinton was less corrupt


The Clinton School (photo by Maya Rader)


They may not be able to vote, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have political opinions.

Town & Village intern Maya Rader interviewed fellow students at The Clinton School for Writers and Artists in Union Square about the presidential election, and the teenage perspective was far from indifferent. Like most New Yorkers, those interviewed seemed stunned by Trump’s victory and most were concerned.

Fifteen-year-old Bernardo Malatesta shared the view of most people interviewed when he said he prefers Secretary Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.
“Even though she’s corrupt at times, her moral values are a lot better than Trump.” He then added, smiling, “but Bernie will always be in my heart.”

Ava Rosenbaum, 14, remarked that although she dislikes Trump as a person, she isn’t as worried about him as a president. “I’m more afraid of Pence and Trump supporters.”

On the morning after the election, the school took first period to hold group discussions in each class. Throughout the day, hallways were abuzz with talk of Clinton’s defeat, and Trump’s victory.

Isabel Humphrey, 14, said, “I was shocked like everyone else.”

Sasha Pettus, 15, agreed. “During the whole campaign I was absolutely sure that there was no way that Donald Trump could become president,” she said.

Pettus added that this was the first election that she as well as her peers felt really involved in.

Whitney Rendace, 15, said, “I’m not a political person, but I’m really bummed Trump won.”

Another student, Nina Schatell, seemed to be trying to remain optimistic.

“This country has survived for a long time,” she said. “Even though I’m not a supporter of Trump, the country will go on.”

Rose McCoy, 15, however, said Clinton had no one to blame for her loss but herself.

“She’s the reason we have President Trump. She’s the only one that could lose to him.”

On Tuesday, some students throughout the city ditched class to participate in a walkout against Trump’s election. Students, among others, gathered at Trump Tower and then walked downtown to Washington Square Park.

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