Letters to the editor, Nov. 24

Bernie bashing is unsubstantiated

Re: Letter, “Hillary pilloried for not being perfect,” T&V, Nov. 10

I’ll never understand why people with strong opinions are not strong enough to sign their names to their letters.

For example, a “Name Withheld” writer confidently states: “I am proud to vote for Hillary Clinton who is intelligent, competent and completely qualified,” but is not proud enough of her views to sign her name. She states that Bernie Sanders “ran on a platform of grandiose ideas that he did not have a hope of getting through Congress.”

How does she know this? Did Bernie tell her, “Hey, Name Withheld, I know these ideas of mine don’t have a prayer for success, but when you run for public office, you gotta say something?” And did she tell Bernie he is “not qualified to head the Executive Office,” to which he replied, “Who is?” Although being a mayor or governor might offer some experience, I doubt that anything prepares one for being the president of the USA. What were Obama’s qualifications? Or W’s? Or (are you sitting down down?) Trump’s?

After trashing Bernie, Name Withheld defends Hillary by writing that voters “struggle to see a woman in office. They find reasons to attack her over not very much. Misogyny, unfortunately, is still alive and well.” But maybe it’s not Hillary’s gender that voters find troubling, but rather the appearance of years of dishonesty and corruption.

I can’t speak for others who find Hill and Bill so untrustworthy there’s not enough space in T&V to list their reasons, but I did vote for a woman. Her name rhymes with Hill. She heads The Green Party and because I want a third party, independent of the two giants in America, I voted for Jill Stein. Stein’s platform was almost identical to Bernie’s.

And maybe she lost like Bernie because she didn’t have a hope for success either.  But I do. We have the knowledge and the ability to clean up all the mess we have created in our society. We just need the will.

John Cappelletti, ST

Editor’s note: At Town & Village, we agree that signed letters have more credibility than anonymous ones. However, in this case, it was the editor’s mistake to sign the author’s letter as “Name withheld,” when in fact, she hadn’t made a request to remain anonymous. The author of the letter is Harriet Gottfried, a retired librarian living in Stuyvesant Town. We regret the error.

The not so select bus

Re: “Select Bus Service arrives along M23 route,” T&V, Nov. 10

Having commuted daily on the M-34/M34A (formerly the M16) for 18 years, the last four of which were Select Bus Service (SBS), I am a bit more qualified than Brad Hoylman, Liz Krueger et al. to assess the effectivity of SBS.

When the M34s went “Select,” two stops were eliminated. This made absolutely no difference in the amount of time it took the bus to travel from 10th/9th Avenue to 2nd/1st Avenue. However, MTA reduced the number of buses on the route, resulting in the wait time for bus arrival increasing exponentially. The net upshot was fewer buses, fewer drivers and long waits, even during rush hour. So, sit back and watch what happens on the M23.

But thanks, T&V, for bringing this to our attention earlier this year, so that the 20th Street Loop stop was not eliminated. Although why it was moved (a few hundred feet) and expenses (your tax dollars) incurred is beyond comprehension.

Politics as usual? Where are the politicians who are supposed to be responsive to the needs/concerns of the people who voted them in?

Michele A. Masucci, ST

NYC theater’s plea to President Obama

The Representatives, whose latest show, “Private Manning Goes to Washington,” which imagines a secret meeting between transgender Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning and President Barack Obama, have penned an open letter to the President in response to the recent U.S. election results:

 Mr. President, we need you now more than ever.

Even before we reclaimed #BoycottHamilton this weekend in a fast, furious and rallying call to arms, the question pulsing through our theater community has been how in the world we use our art form — which relative to other forms has a vexingly slow turnaround time — as a platform for response.

As you know, theater has the unique opportunity to engage thinking minds and open hearts with words intersected by design intersected by live, embodied human expression… Now more than ever, on behalf of The Representatives and “Private Manning Goes to Washington,” President Obama, we invite you to join us for an evening of intersections. This play is about you. And it’s about now. We’re desperate to engage you, and our entire community, to listen carefully, to think critically, and to respond dutifully as we march forward together towards the setting sun over a darkening political landscape.

We ask for your thinking mind and your open heart to join us.

With Respectful Urgency,

The Representatives

3 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Nov. 24

  1. It is unfortunately true that many of the residents of STPCV write anonymous letters bashing bicyclists who ride their bikes perfectly safely and legally throughout the complex.

    The Tenants Association should spend more time cracking down on illegal commercial activity. How many members do they have anyway? About 80? Maybe 50?

    A. Coleman

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