City Council speaker and Garodnick say feds should foot the bill for Trump’s protection

Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue

Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue (Photo via petition) 

By Sabina Mollot

With the cost to protect President-elect Donald Trump and his family in New York City reported to be $1 million a day, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Council Member Dan Garodnick are calling on Trump to get the federal government to reimburse the city.

Garodnick, whose Council district includes Trump Tower, where the president-elect lives and works, and Mark-Viverito have also launched a petition, which already has about 1,500 signatures.

As the petition notes: “At an estimated $1 million per day, protecting you, your family and your home at Trump Tower will total over one billion dollars during your four-year term. This represents an extraordinary financial burden for New York City taxpayers.”

Council Member Dan Garodnick

Council Member Dan Garodnick

It goes on to say, “We already stretch our municipal budget to provide basic services— like police, sanitation, and the education of 1.1 million public school students.  These services would suffer if we must divert funds to police protection.”

Mark Viverito, in a press release, blasted Trump for having “repeatedly attacked the values that represent New York City” while at the same using its resources.

Garodnick, meanwhile, had this to say: “Donald Trump’s protection is creating a huge headache for everyone in midtown, and must not come at the expense of New York City taxpayers. Just as he has a job to do we have a city to run, and we cannot continue to foot the bill for this. We are not going to compromise the security of the president-elect, but the feds need to step in and pick up the tab.”


2 thoughts on “City Council speaker and Garodnick say feds should foot the bill for Trump’s protection

  1. He’s not my president, and his security is not my problem! Let him pay for his own protection, rather than burdening NYC with it. Especially since he boasts about not paying taxes. That goes for his spawn, too.

    • Unless you are not a citizen, he is your President. Whether you are mature enough to accept that is another story.

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