Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Shout out to a great mail carrier

During this busy holiday season, I would like to send a shout out to our great mail delivery person. Her name is Liz and she delivers mail to five buildings in ST. Living here for 26 years, I have never met or had the pleasure of meeting a terrific gal like Liz. She is always pleasant, friendly and extremely attractive and adds a flair to her uniform with a decorative hat, pin or something that will not make her look like every other USPS mail carrier. She has only been with our building about two years but I truly want to go on record about her great work ethic and personality that always makes my day when I run into her distributing the mail.

Now during the holiday season, packages are abundant and her good attitude doesn’t change, even though some days her route and pick up which is on 23rd Street, do not bring her down, and make her day much longer. Also, at holiday time, she posts a great card near the mail boxes, which is cheerful and fun, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother’s Day, et al.

I hope tenants who live in the buildings that this sparkling gal Liz covers are aware of her many qualities and appreciate how lucky we are to have her in our domain. Keep up the great job, Liz, and thank you from all of us who have gotten to know you and appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

Ruth Metz, ST

P.S. I have noticed in recent issues of this column, there are no letters about little things that go on in ST that were always enjoyable to read and many people could relate to them. Lately, it seems people want to go on and make either a political statement or a religious statement or the one in last week’s issue which is totally unrelated to most tenants in ST/PCV titled “The invisible thing destroying our health.” These are not local topics that I always enjoyed reading and think most tenants of our property did as well. There is also a Soapbox column where these kind of lengthy issues should be part of. Letters to the editor were always about goings and comings and individual stories about ST/PCV. Think most readers enjoyed those more than “getting on a soapbox” type of rhetoric.

Editor’s note: We’re with Ruth Metz. While Town & Village welcomes letters on all topics, we do prefer to publish those with a focus on local – that is, relevant to this community, city or state — issues than those on other topics.

Time to think about next council member

Dear Editor,

The national election is over and the damage is done. Let us concentrate our energies to ensure that we don’t make a similar mistake replacing our own wonderful and responsive City Council Member Dan Garodnick. Our community is rapidly changing with all these new high rent, high-rises, and along East 14th Street, what word on the street says are going to be huge. NYU dorms are going up quite rapidly.

Our new council member will have to represent them too. We need to elect a savvy person who does not ever forget the needs of and perils facing Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village. It’s time we get together and democratically work to elect someone up to the task of truly representing us, as Dan Garodnick has done.

I have already received a mailing from a woman seeking my help to this end. I’d like to suggest that she offer to hold a meeting for us all where we can ask what we please. Each subsequent candidate should do the same. No secrets here, right? I love living in Stuyvesant Town and want to see it sustain this neighborhood for many years to come. My son wants to live here and he was born here. That’s how pleasurable and unforgettable this complex is.
Let’s all make sure it stays that way for all our children. It is a major task but certainly not insurmountable. I wish us luck!

Susan Schoenbaum, ST

One last thing to ask President Obama

As much as I hate begging, please consider signing on asking Obama to intervene on behalf of the indigenous people at Standing Rock, ND.

The use of high tech military equipment and, additionally, helicopters to spray protesters may very well be a precedent of things to come for all expressions of the First Amendment. Mr. Obama could, for example, nationalize the ND National Guard, which would put them under the army’s control and not that of the governor of ND. The permitted spraying of protesters is really very bad news!

Many thanks,

John Giannone, ST

PS: It really does not matter that you might think this action will have no effect. The point is to get up and exercise our constitutionally acknowledged rights as human beings. That much we all can do (now). The petition is online at http://other98action.org/obama-stop-human-rights-abuse-standing-rock.

Dubious honor for The Donald

Trump is Time’s “Person of the Year.”

But Time’s long standing annual tradition is for the person who has had the most impact – whether as a result of positive or negative implications and actions. Hitler and Stalin were both held this distinction – seriously!

“The Donald” has wrought simple and false populism lacking substance to the poorly educated… using vague promises which has the capacity for us to lead our fragile nation from autocracy of the “one percent” to authoritarianism, the “alt-right” movement and fascism… and has had a quite potentially dangerous effect on the continuation of our western democratic roots here and in Europe.

Putin plans to use Trump as a useful idiot.

Bring back civics and history to all levels of the educational system. Remember that all civilizations and empires are finite in terms of their longevity.

David Chowes, PCV 


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  1. I agree 100% with David Chowes. Trump is a psychotic buffoon and we are in for a very rocky road ahead. There isn’t one presidential brain cell under that orange hair.

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