Editorial: Hate hoax sad for many reasons

By now everyone is familiar with the harassment hoax perpetrated by a Muslim Baruch College student. Because of her actions the headlines have been fast and, understandably, furious. But curiously what seems to have been included in the stories merely as an afterthought is the fact that since the hate crime drama turned out to be a lie, the student, Yasmin Seweid’s, head was shaved, apparently as a punishment by her parents. Additionally, her once thick eyebrows appear to have been shaved down as well. Gone also is the hijab she claimed white Trump supporters tried to pull off her head on the train although the meaning behind its absence hasn’t been made clear.

According to a Daily News story the punishment wasn’t just over lying to the NYPD, the press, her family and everyone else about the bias incident. It was also because she’d been dating a Christian. She had also reportedly been out past her curfew and the reaction from her parents at the time seemed far scarier to her than the risks associated with making a false police report.And now we know why. To describe her parents simply as strict would be an understatement when considering that this particular punishment was inflicted with the intent of humiliating their adult daughter in a very public way.

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